Aww so I’m loving this #deprivednaijachildhood . The words in capital are mine though, lol. I got this from Kel, Ucheugo, Munachi Abi, Omowunmi Akinnifesi and Ruggedman and indeed they made me laugh, you will like them too…#MEMORIES
#deprivednaijachildhood if u and ur friend neva did “Adan dele, ona titi ~ se ati de le, ati de le“ OMG LWKMD
#deprivednaijachildhood if u never ride bicycle YEAH
#deprivednaijachildhood  if you dont know how to blow caprisonne, suntop, funtop, treetop and burst it with your feet *kpa!*  RIGHT
#deprivedNaijaChildhood If u never heard of “killer beans” n hw it only killed ppl u never knew. LOL
#deprivednaijachildhood if Ʊ dint play SEGA. YUP
#deprivednaijachildhood if u ddnt use 2 go around calin lite ppl nd albinoes oyinbo pepper shukushuku pepper, u go yellow more more. LWKMD
#deprivedNaijaChildhood if u didn’t write ur name on a piece of paper and put it in ur bic biro so no1 will steal it. OMG
#deprivednaijachildhood if u didn’t sing ” oh my home ohhhh my home, wen shall I c my home, ireti give us food ooo … PRAAA
#Deprivednaijachildhood if you dint watch Tele Match……un,dos, tres….whistle. WOW
#deprivedNaijaChildhood if you did not play “you mess….” I STILL DEY PLAY AM
#deprivednaijachildhood if Ɣøû never played game boy, mario » e bi lo ma kusi, brick game! 4REAL
#deprivedNaijaChildhood if you didnt play police and thief. LOL
#deprivednaijachildhood if you never used newspaper or calender to wrap your books. YES O
#deprivedNaijaChildhood if you didnt have a game n watch. YEP
#deprivednaijachildhood if Ɣøû never drag tastytime ice with your friend. LOL
#deprivedNaijaChildhood If u never read Eze Goes To School and if u never carried the box to boarding house. I DID
#deprivednaijachildhood if Ɣøû never did this “ I will tell Ɣ mummy for Ɣøû ~ den denden “ 4REALerHerH

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