Don’t Say I Told You, But Read On

There is this serious tale spreading around town like wild fire about a particular musician’s ‘sexcapades’. According to a bird in the know, this guy’s second love aside from singing is sex. He recently released an album and he is into a ‘Tv show’ at the moment. The rate, at which the musician is going about emptying his baby milk in some ladies, has suddenly become a source of concern to his friends and close associates, wondering if the guy will still be strong enough to make babies once he is ready. The most amazing out of them all is that, you don’t have to be yellow, black, white or mixed race to be his choice, anything goes, the bird said. Another thing that keeps resurrecting this guy’s career whenever it’s dead is a beef track. Ciao!
We moving away from the sex gist but we are still in the music industry. Another wingless bird that won’t mind his business also whispered to me about a particular music act that got the club banging late 2009, with a song that has to do with a guy and girl collaborating, and recently returned from London, on how he is currently broke. The wingless bird spotted the artiste tasking his friends for money, saying he needed to fix his car and had no cash on him. Little did he know friends can’t be trusted, as these friends have been telling anyone who cares to know and some of his colleagues about how the guy who spent over 6months in London has turned into a fine bara, hence we got hold of the news too. Here’s wishing the ‘single’ he just released does the magic and see this guy smiling to the bank soon.  

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