Armed Robbers Attack Denrele

Obviously it wasn’t a good evening for ex Sound City VJ, Denrele on the 7th of May, as the VJ was robbed at a standstill traffic in Anthony. Denrele who was in a car alongside two other friends, were robbed of their belongings in the said traffic. One of the four armed robbers who had flashed different kinds of weapons to them managed to get inside the back sit of the car, despite the doors of the car were locked and took away 5 blackberry phones, a Nokia phone, an undisclosed amount of money, [as he just got paid for a job] and a new beat which was produced for him. Fondly called werele by friends, left swagger island not too far away from satellite town where he went to pay a visit to the contestants of ‘Who’s got swag’, a reality show, and was heading to singer May7ven’s birthday party which took place at Okocha’s club 10 on the Island before the incident took place. We thank God, the VJ is well and sound.


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