Friday, June 10, 2011

Ghanaian actor Majid Michael pregnancy with mistress UPDATE

the alleged mistress
News flying around town is that Ghanaian actor and fondly loved by Nigerians has put one lady who is simply known as Zeina Cisse in a family way. The lady in question is not taking this slightly, as she has been mailing some sites about this development. Some people are alleging this isn’t true, as the actor as a beautiful wife and two kids who he claims he is happy to be with. Here is what the lady sent to Nollywood Gossip:
“thank u, bcz u help me a lot, yesterday around 4:00 am majid called me he wnts to recognize my child bcz they are blood. and as he is in Nigeria 4 fr the movies  he wil stay wit me nd divorce his wife. and it wil pay 4 my education, bcz his wife knws tht is majid who pay my studies. thank u.”
Wow, fantastic. Her words sucks, and if you ask me I think this is just a cheap way of getting people’s attention. For crying out loud, I think babes just need to get their own guys, say yes to that guy dying for you and leave that ego, ‘no I’m too much for him’. And let married men be!
wit wife


  1. pple need to leave ppl's hussy's. and for the actor how can u can mak luv outside ur home without condom, they r alwayz the cuz of the prob

  2. na wa o, incredibly wa

  3. Funny, i want to hear Magid's comment on this, can't believe it.

  4. I don't think this is true it is just another cheap girl trying to get attention

  5. majid hv u eva tried lookina yaself in de mirror to c hw handsome u r .... kumon w ol knw u betah dan dis