Kc Presh breakup update

That the duos of Kc Presh have broken up is nothing but the truth. According to a close source, the singers have been having misunderstandings due to money issues. Aside from that, the source also alleged that after Kingsley got married, he has not been fully participating in the group’s activities, has he spends more time with his family now. Not to talk about when Presh also got married, they both hardly have time going to the studio like they used too, so things were likely to fall apart, the source added. They have been having problems on money issues, but that’s not what caused the misunderstanding, it’s far more than that, another source said.   Kingsley has just released a new single which will be going on air soon, and he did it alone. We know he would be the first to announce the break up, the source concluded.

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