Two years after marriage, drummer girl Ara leaves home

Wow… this is amazing! A lot of people are yet to get over the case of Titi the Sky bank lady who got killed by her husband and I owe no one apology on this, only for us to get this shocker coming from drummer lady, Ara. When Ara got married 2years ago, a lot of her colleagues where happy for her, but when we saw few pictures of the wedding, I knew something was wrong, I knew she wasn’t totally happy with the marriage, says a source.
We are not only shocked that she is out of the marriage, but we are shocked at the amazement of so many broken young marriages. I seriously think young guys and ladies should please learn to tolerate each other, just as they do when it’s time for sex. If only you always think how close you are when having ‘that’ game, when there is an argument you look back and laugh, and just ignore your partner.
And whatever happened to the scriptures? Lord have mercy!

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