Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Annie Macaulay still in love with Tuface

While Tuface is in the US cooking for his white friend, Kelly, his 3rd babymama, fast rising actress Annie Macaulay has got this to say, tweeting a picture of herself and her baby daddy;
My broda from anoda mother.....don't we look like we born frm d same mum n dad?..I love thz pic oooO
Hoping Tuface will get to see this tweet soon and return home, has someone is missing him and openly declaring her love. Wasn’t I right when I earlier advised Tubaba to return home to his black queens if at all he needs to cook? Lol


  1. love is an act more powerful than us, i dont blame her if she is still in love with him

  2. This two are meant for each other.This is his true love

  3. I just read something on your blog can you tell me that that owen elohor husband did not do what i am reading and hearing. I called my friend this morning and i said to her i call her amebo if it is true she will surely know. I asked her is it true about elohor husband and she said that he has a new baby mama with a son she old nes ask me about who he is screwing now let me giove you the gist. Men are just dogs. Well she should take heart i heard she took the man from another girl.