Monday, August 15, 2011

Chelsea midfielder John Mikel Obi’s father missing

Chelsea Fc player, Mikel Obi is currently devastated. His father who left for work Friday morning in the city of Jos is yet to return home. The family aren’t sure yet, if it’s an abducted case or not. Speaking on Sky sports this morning, the footballer pleaded saying, ‘Please just let him go. He's just an old man, he hasn't done any harm to anyone and I don't know why he has been taken’. Prayers and vigil have been held in the Obi family house in Jos, led by his mother Mrs Rose Obi. The footballer has stated he won't fly to Nigeria because it may complicate matters.


  1. sad sad news. take heart mikel, he will sure be in a safe place

  2. na wa for naija o. so there's kidnapping in jos too now. na wa o

  3. I really pray that those kidnappers have mercy and release that poor man, please. Remember that you too have elderly men and families you love o.