Guess who?

One of the most fortunate Yoruba actresses of her time, this dark skinned lady has been very unfortunate in her numerous dalliances with the opposite sex.
While climbing the ladder of success, she had a steady relationship with a young guy of her age with a promising life. The young man has no business with the industry unlike our actress. The crack however came when her quest for fame and cash turned her to something else.
To achieve this, she started by dating one of the popular marketers and instantly, she was the one producing all the films from the stable of her lover boy.
Her boyfriend who discovered that the one time caring lady has developed another attitude had to take a back seat while she forged ahead in her love game with the marketer.
Not stopping at that, she also added a popular Yoruba actor to her list. At the end, she succeeded in bringing sorrow and tears to the once blissful marriage of this actor whose father is also a veteran in the movie industry.
Barely had the controversy simmered that she hooked a fashion designer guy who prides himself as sexy and even claims he is stronger than steel. She had thought the relationship would lead to the altar but the smart dude, after catching some fun, travelled to the United Kingdom to tie the knot with his fiancé and is expecting another child.
Now, our dark complexioned actress is again in the cold looking for warmth. Her colleagues say she can be everything but not a good housewife because she is saucy and arrogant. All these bad traits according to them, manifested when fortune started smiling on her.

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