Saturday, August 20, 2011

Guess who?

Some believe she is a vivid description of a gold digger. Young and beautiful despite few children she had for her billionaire industrialist man, this lady is an object of ridicule amongst the wives of her husband’s contemporaries because they are closer to the billionaire’s elderly wife and would not associate with the young lady who is like a grand daughter in their midst.
Sure bet, she came from a zero background while her two elder sisters who never supported her decision to marry the old man, kept their distance and dignity. Not so with her mother who sees her daughter in a different light because of the benefits.
This lady has severed the strong relationship between the billionaire and his favorite daughter. It is worthy to note that this billionaire’s daughter was one of the few in the household who gave the ‘gold digger’ necessary support but on gaining ground within the dynasty, she decided to break the bond between the man and his daughter.
And in case you need to know, she now runs one of the billionaire’s company with ‘elegance’ thereby overthrowing the billionaire’s daughter. Heard the billionaire’s daughter has dumped her father’s company to start up her own tourism business.


  1. Her name is Shade! Well she had to break the incest infested bond if nothing else....

  2. Ginika na wa for you ooo well Ladun thank you for bringing all this to light please let us know the true situation of ELOHOR AND OWEN STORY STARING BABY MAMA ,SHALYA SHAGAYA .Ladun did owen not pay you because i am suprise that you are the only one allowing coment on elohor to be on her blog.Well owen cannot pay everybody because i heard one of our gossip magazine is about to publish the story including the baby mama whom by the way heard she is very ugly.

  3. @anon 11.48pm if you hav any thing to say to me, feel free to mail me, be sure it will remain anonymous. no one can buy us, thnx love