Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What The Magazines Are Saying...


  1. nothing can stop my wedding with stephaine okereke, Lol + joseph yobo's father in law, thats adaeze's father falls on bad times while, mum and daughter swims in comfort...Lol

  2. Na wa for headlines... Richest Pimp? Really? lol

  3. Ladun how much did you get paid to remove elohors posts na wa for una sha, Money can buy you too.I don't blame you jare hard times.

  4. Aww too bad u never read my last comment before I brought it down. It’s simple, the posts were becoming dangerous to me and my blog, and it’s strictly unprofessional. Like I said before, if anyone wants me to do a post on that, pls send me pics proving the story, with that, I can stand any judge. Thank u

  5. Laduni, ignore this jobless people. I dont know eloho and i dont give a shit about her. What has all this story got to do with us.
    I read the previous messages and it just sounded like haters just hating on the girl.
    All you women have serious issues in Nigeria.
    I bet this girl is fine and successfull? If not most of you wont be saying so much crap about her like this.What has she done to you?
    All this crap you are putting on this blog i dont understand. From what i can see you are jobless.
    Laduni blog is not about stories that dont have head or tail.
    Is her husband the only one? Basket mounth, folly coker etc dont they have kids outside your marriage. i also have a child outside marriage but that does not make me love my wife less. It is you women that are STUPID. UR FADA NKO? KMT