Monday, September 19, 2011

Celebrity Quote: I can’t sleep with Tonto Dike...KAS

Tonto Dikeh has just been in the news since last month. It’s either a fight with an older colleague, her colleague, ‘oh Mercy Johnson isn’t my friend’, and her recent clash with a blogger. She is currently working on a song with musician/producer Kas. And here’s what he said about the actress, when asked about his relationship with her;
We are just close. Her man is my friend. Besides, when I am working with you, I cannot have anything sexual with you, Tonto is a professional just like myself. So there is no way that kind of a thing can happen between us. In fact, my d..k no go even rise for her or any other woman I am working with.


  1. Who is now trying to nak tonto akpako, hehehhe

  2. kas wetin u mean now?4 ur mind o.ur d...k knw who b who?kas wetin u mean now?4 ur mind o.ur d...k knw who b who?