Wednesday, September 21, 2011

HORROR: Girl Pours Hot Oil on Friend for Sleeping with her Man Friend

This fine girl has been battered with hot oil, click below to see pic.
What won’t these girls do just to get a man? A girl has gone too far this time around by pouring ‘hot oil’ on her friend/fellow ‘runs mate’ for sleeping with her man friend, which a lot of people call sugar daddy.
Click below to see the horrific picture of the girl and her friend who assaulted her.

The alleged friend
Will bring more details soon has the story unfolds. But for God’s sake, this man (sugar daddy) has a wife, what then would the wife have done to you, if you can go to the extent of assaulting your friend this way.


  1. Prostitution??? When will our girls stop this? This is just the only reason why we guys are scared of marriage. Can they be faithful again? Can they be responsible? They are used to this night life, how sad.

  2. devil incarnate

  3. One has to be careful from ages 17-22....... Want to start ballin from year 1 sef..... God help us