Meet Soul E and His New Found Love, Petula Delinda

Singer Soul E is back in the news again, but this time around, it is not because of his music career, but his love life. We all still remember, how the one time rave of the moment, was said to be deeply in love with an older lady, Queen Ure, and before their pastor could put an end to the relationship, he moved into her Omole apartment and even shunned the church. We all know the story and the outcome of their one-time sweet love.
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Now the singer is back. And back again in love! Is this a ploy? A new trick to crawl back into the music industry?
Well, a source close to the singer, disclosed to us by saying, indeed the one time lover boy is in love, and he is not hiding it. Soul E is in love with Petula Delinda, and they are both happy together, the source said. The singer took a bold step forward, by expressing on his Facebook page how in love he is with Petula. We only wish this will last for a long time.  

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