My Comment on Banky w Fingered in Whizkid’s S Tape… LUCY

Omg! Here is what a reader of this blog wrote as her comment below the post which reads: Banky w fingered in whizkid’s S tape.
I just think a lot of people need to read this and just try to understand what she is saying. Sentiments aside, there’s a bit of truth in this. Thank you LUCY.
The boy doesn’t have much time for Banky W. On twitter Banky is all over him like hardly does he make any statement without trying to connect Wizkid. Eg vote Wizkid and I bla bla and more sh*t. Wizkid kinda denies his older protege and seldom responds to any tweet by Banky whilst Banky W struggles relentless to warm his way in. Am sure Banky is pissed with the boy’s attitude towards him. In all fairness Wizkid’s got dangerous talents the same cannot be said for Banky whose career is at best staggering and below par. Banky might really be behind all the negative publicity behind Wizkid. But even if he were not directly responsible then somebody in the inner caucus is stirring and cooking this storm. Wizkid should tone down on his extravagant lifestyle and try to act more responsible. Youth is a major consequence but self will should get the better side of him in order to succeed at what he is pursuing. Wishing away the sex tape as being a wizkid look alike aint true. He was in that sex tape. His detractors are working around the clock to thwart and frustrate him but pull back he should and must refocus and try to be squeaky “clean”. The man ramming his member into that woman in the sex tape is Wizkid and his continuous refusal does him no good as it further tarnishes his shriveled credibility. He did it and he should man up to say he did and he was blackmailed that should sound better and of course the only argument he can work with on this scandal. Its obvious to any unbiased mind out there that Wizkid is the man in that amateur video. Control your escapades and watch the scandals dwindle! Stars live decidedly coded and “quiet” lives because their stories make headlines and does their career no good. Even the weirdest craziest celebs keep it strictly to profession and try to live “normal” lives devoid of cheap scandals.

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