Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Things Fall Apart: Ope Banwo, Dudukoko, Baba Nee @ War

ope banwo
Brief Intro: Ope Banwo owns Stingomania Records which also produced the Dagrin movie. Trybson and Baba Nee are signed under this record label. However things have gone sour amongst these three, with the two artistes wanting to quit the Record Label. Stingomania Records Chief has however ordered all radio and television stations to quit playing Trybson and Baba Nee’s songs. Trybson however took to his facebook page, accusing Stingomania of bad management and revealing his ‘bed mate’ as claimed by him. With one Frank Nero also accusing Stingomania.
Please sit back, relax and savour this contradicting, yet revealing story. Click to read
"STINGOMNIA PUBLIC NOTICE ON BABA NEE AND TRYBSON: In addition to my PUBLIC CAVEAT EMPTOR THAT ALL MEDIA HOUSES (Radio stations, TV Stations, Promoters, Corporate bodies, etc) will be receiving in the next few days, I AM USING THIS PUBLIC MEDIUM TO PUT EVERYONE ON NOTICE that Stingomania Records has EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS BY CONTRACT to all the MUCIAL WORKS AND VIDEOS of BABA NEE AND TRYBSON and until thiis contractual dispute is resolved, WE ARE WITHDRAWING ALL CONSENTS TO ANYBODY TO UTILIZE THEIR WORKS OR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. We will vigourosly challenge any entity that plays their music or video or engages them in any public performance until the end of their contract with Stingomania in 2014 without the express consent from Stingomania. ALL PREVIOUS CONSENTS GIVEN TO RADIO STATIONS, TV STATIONS, MARKETERS ETC to play the works of these TWO artistes is hereby SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE....All members of the public delaing with their works do so at their own risk of appropriae legal actions. Baba nee and Trybson have no assets to REPAY OUR INVESTMENTS ON THEM but we will be happy to collect our money from any organization or entity that violates our copyright interests in these boys. We will be actively monitoring all promotions and concerts. LET THE BUYER BEWARE"
Ope Banwo who claimed they've sold the rights to their music outright for 5 years to Stingomania records responded on whta caused the disputes between the Artistes and the label
"All Public have witnessed Stingomania's work and promotion on their behalf in the last 2yrs for which we have NOT HAD ANY RETIRNS (Omo Ghetto Soundtrack, Ghetto Dreamz, Music videos, productions, publicity, tireless promotions etc) and now they just said becos I have not spent enough money on them in the last 3 months after spending over N12M on just the two of them they started libelling the company and said they are walking away without so much as a 'THANK YOU' for our efforts. IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY. Unfortunately for them, I am not the kind of guy who will work away becos of the possible adverse publicity or distraction this will cause. I BELEIVE IN FIGHTING FOR WHATS RIGHT. This is NO LONGER ABOUT MONEY BUT ABOUT THE DIRECTION OF OUR ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. THIS RECURRENT MESS HAS TO BE STOPPED ONCE AND FOR ALL.The two guys do not have money to pay me back my investment in them but I know the media, tv, radio or corporate bodies do. So I will go after those who violate my assigned copyrights."
Early this morning, he also claimed he has received death threats from a friend of Baba Nee.
"DEATH THREATS BY FRANK NERO (one of BABA NEE's friends) - Since my company issued a CAVEAT EMPTOR against Baba Nee and Trybson Dudukko yesterday for violating the terms of their contracts with Stingomania Entertainment, several of Baba Nee's fans have issued death threats to me with one of them, FRANK NERO, even having the guts to threaten to kill me and my family. While I will file appropriate complaints with the police and the law will take its course on FRANK NERO and others like him, I continue to assure these two budding Artistes, BABA NEE AND TRYBSON and any other Artiste that cares to join them, that NO AMOUNT OF INTIMIDATION, THREAT OR RIDICULE will make me walk away from this. THEY WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW as an example to other upcoming artistes so they will understand that you don't beg someone to spend time and money on you, ejoy millions of naira in benefits, sign a contract with them and then just turn around to walk away at any time it suits you after getting benefits. PEOPLE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS BUSINESS. A CONTRACT IS A CONTRACT and this time around we will take a stand against it"

baba nee and trybson dudukoko


  1. confirmed agberos.....see dem eyes osi o da

  2. These boys are doomed. Ope Banwo practically brought them from the gutter and straightened them up. Who knew any of these boys before Ghetto Dreamz or Omo Ghetto?

    They signed a contract with Ope Banwo, anybody that goes ahead to play their music without Stingomania's permission might just further enrich Ope Banwo.

    Anyways, this is getting more interesting by the day!

  3. Trybson lied when he said he was NOT PAID TO DO GHETTO DREAMZ. I have personally seen the copy of the cheque stingomania used to pay him after deducting his management and record label fees per contract. As a matter of fact he was paid more than RACHAEL ONIGA, PA KASUMU AND KSB though he was a nobody actor before then (it was his first film) and it was his label doing the movie and the movie was a promotional showpiece for him. For him to lie about that shows that Trybson is a man to watch closely.

    These artistes really make me sad becos I know many people will not want to support young artistes becos of this development. How can trybson complain after his label has done several musical videos for him or Baba Nee AFTER oPE bANWO USED HIS CONNECTION IWTH FUNKE AKINDELE TO PUT HIM IN OMO GHETTO FILM TO DO SOUND TRACK.......amazing!

  4. lies and lies. yes ope banwo has helped them. that we cnt take away. thank u mr ope. lets face reality, aside from the movie and omo ghetto sound track, which came out a razz mattaz, tell me what thing have they dne agn? is it by recording in the studio all the time? is it by just been under is record label? no ts more than that. who knows any of dudu or baba nee's songs? no one, no video, no promotion on air, is it by just one track? dont we listen to old and new tracks of musician on radio? which one has ever been played abt these boys. ope thnx, but its time for them to go.

  5. ok lets wait and see what happens next

  6. nice Story..Na dem Sabi