DON JAZZY: Kelly Hansome was not arrested cos if we really intend to do that he’ll not be out….LMAO

Here is how the netng is reporting Don Jazzy’s side of Kelly Hansome arrest story.       
Kelly Hansome was not Arrested cos if we really intend to do that he’ll not be out. All what we did was involve the law so as not to take matters into our hands like most people might result to in this kind of situation. We just wanted a proper documentation to make him hands off Mohits intellectual property.
A pic of kelly when you continue 

We were informed of him using the beat I made for D’banj and 2face that’s not even supposed to be out at all, but was leaked by a music site some weeks back. Despite the fact that Kelly has not really been a lover of Mohits which he has made clear in countless unreplied diss tracks, we still made an effort to send him messages not to release the said track. But he stubbornly refused and went ahead to release the track. That is why we now decided to get the law involved by sending our lawyers to get on it. Police was just involved obviously to make sure things don’t get rowdy. We do not own or control the police to tell them how to do their job. You know how some police can take some matters personal anyway. All in all we got our apology letter and he signed the undertaking to leave our music alone. A lot of people including MI have remixed our works before in the past and we did not complain cos it’s allowed sometimes. But not in this case I’m sorry.
A collabo between D’banj and 2face (who is our mentor) is a big deal for us and we intend to still work on the original song. So Kelly using it is not acceptable for now. I do not believe in beef like my fans know. But come on, there is only so much insult one can take, and riding on a Don Jazzy beat without my permission after openly calling us all sort of names is definitely a cheeky move from him.
This incident has been resolved and doesn’t stop me from dancing to some of his diss songs that I like and the ones he might come up with after this. Neither does it stop me from being his fan. I think he is a talented brother with so much potentials if he could calm down a little #myopinion.
There was no form of violence recorded in resolving this issue.
The music industry moving forward is all we preach but not by beef or taking other people’s property. Please read with maturity and understand that we mean nobody any harm. If you think otherwise then I’m sorry. Maybe you’ll understand someday. Thanks for the love and support. May God bless us all. IDJA

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