Son of a Rapist!

It was early Tuesday morning and I was just settling down for the day’s duty in my office when the secretary told me I have a guest. I didn’t remember giving anyone an appointment for that morning but I asked to see the lady.
Temitope Johnson is a fair lady in her early forties. Her story was quite touching and wishes to find a way out through guidance and counselling so I’m putting the situation out on this column for you our esteemed readers to help proffer a possible solution. 
Temitope is married to Olanrewaju Johnson, a computer engineer in his late forties. Their marriage is blessed with two boys and a girl. Temitope’s parents; Mr. & Mrs. Adepoju were devoted Christians. They had two children; Temitope being the first and Esther, her younger sister.
While growing up, Temitope and her sister were members of the church choir and were always regular for church services. In those days, Adesoji Oreofe was the choir master; he was a great vocalist who commands the microphone very well whenever he handles it. The church is so fortunate to have him in their choir as he delivers songs like it’s a piece of cake.
There’s no one without shortcomings as this is evident in Oreofe’s character. As a good singer, he is also a womanizer. This vice of his, is known by all the young women in the church. Oreofe set his eyes on Temitope who had just started blossoming like a rose flower, he tried sweet talking her on various occasions telling her that he loved her but Temitope resisted and eventually started avoiding him.
On one of their numerous choir practices conducted overnight, Oreofe lured Temitope to a store room and raped her.  In tears, Temitope got home and reported the incident to her parents who were Deacons in the church. The church authority didn’t take it lightly as they’ve issued series of warnings to Oreofe concerning his escapades with ladies in the past. Oreofe was suspended and later expelled from the church.     
All this happened almost thirty years back and now, Temitope is a wife and responsible mother, her eldest daughter; Olajumoke is 22 years of age. She had a fast education and just concluded her youth corps service last year. She currently works with a bank.
Olajumoke met Kolawole, a senior colleague at the bank and they’re in a relationship. As a mummy’s girl, she told her mother about the guy and a meeting day was set. Mrs. Temitope Johnson met with Kolawole Adesoji, a young intelligent guy, doing well in his chosen profession. She liked the guy but something struck her about his looks and his name so she began questioning. She eventually got to know that Kolawole was the son of Oreofe Adesoji- the choir master who raped her thirty years back. Mrs. Johnson rushed into her room and started weeping uncontrollably, should she tell her daughter the whole story?  This is a story she has never shared with her husband. Can she stand to have Oreofe Adesoji, Kolawole’s father as her in-law for life? What if Oreofe is still a rapist, how safe is her daughter in his home? Readers, please help!

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