ATTN: Nigerian Independent Musicians and Music Promoters


My name is Femi Lawal, a publicist and music business entrepreneur. The Co-founder of Mega Points International (Africa’s First Independent A&R/Promotion Company).

There was a broadcast going round among the black berry users in Nigeria with accusations against Ovie of NotJustOk, the leading music download portal in Nigeria. After reading few of the comments on the publication on this blog and series of other accusations from independent artistes and music promoters on BBM, i felt i should read a release on this issue.
Thanks to Ladun for granting me this opportunity to have my say.

NotJustOk is a reputable music download portal, an open platform for independent musicians to get showcase their materials to world. The site home thousands of unknown artistes songs and they have been a source for Nigerian diaspora to access new songs. For all artistes or music promoters who may have sent their materials to NotJustOk at one time or the other. Try to consider these following facts.
Your song may not have been featured because 1. It does not meet up to their review metrics. 2. Many songs to review and they have to select the best(It doesn’t mean yours is not good ok) 3. Maybe you fail to abide by their submission rules or requirement not complete. The reasons are many these are just the few.
You should remember getting your song feature on the is free but one thing you should consider also is  the more song on the site the more bytes taken from their space. They do have limit of songs to be published. If your song is good keep sending it and believe me it will get featured within a short time.
There are other sites like NotJustOk where you can continue submitting your song while you keep trying your luck with NotJustOk if you believe NotJustOk is where your break through lay.
Send your song, picture(Professionally Designed),brief profile to If you have any problem get in touch with Mrs.Uduak on the site to ask question about your musical career. Please independent musicians make no one your enemy ok and don’t divide the music industry.
If you have question or want to discuss anything with me, feel free to contact me:
Mega Points International will be organizing a free web meetup for all independent musicians, music managers and music promoter to discuss new means to get your materials out online like online radio,mp3 blast service etc. NotJustOk is for everyone both known and unknown.
Thanks for your time.

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