Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pasuma’s Secret Love Child Revealed

It is true that everyone has got a secret that would take a camel to pass through the ass of a needle if it must be revealed but we honestly take exceptions to some certain type of secrets especially if it’s at the other party’s expense. It’s about Globacom ambassador and Fuji Icon, Wasiu Alabi Pasuma. The entertainer we authoritatively gathered has a secret love child named Aminat, whom we gathered he’s not taking full responsibility of. The mother of the child we confirmed is one Biola a popular make-up artist in the Yoruba movie industry. According to our in-depth findings, the musician met the mother of his ‘unwanted’ baby sometimes last year 2010 on the of Fathia Balogun’s movie titled Aja Dudu where the musician also featured as guest artiste.

Pasuma as he’s fondly called we further gathered asked Biola who was the make-up artist on-set of the movie out and as expected one thing led to another and the dreadlocks wearing lady according to our source got pregnant for him. The reliable source further narrated that Biola would have perhaps aborted the pregnancy knowing the kind of personality involve but got to know very late when the pregnancy was in the second trimester. Trouble our source divulged started looming when the news of Biola’s pregnancy for Pasuma hit the Yoruba movie industry as she was still constantly working while also trying to persuade the musician to accept the pregnancy. The petite dark skinned lady we gathered was later kidnapped by some unknown men few weeks to her delivery date threatening to kill her if she dares go about boasting that Pasuma was responsible for her pregnancy and that the entertainer’s wife to be would not want to hear of it and would stop at nothing to make it impossible for her to be his rival. This threat we learnt made the poor lady ran from her former abode in Ikorodu, Lagos to an unknown place where she later had the baby around January 2011 and named her Aminat. The musician we were also informed sent baby items through one of his PAs as well as the sum of One Hundred and Fifty thousand Naira for the naming ceremony when he heard the news and that the baby is his perfect replica. Biola we confirmed had since then not received a dime for her baby’s upkeep as the musician is said to be seriously furious at her for letting her family members as well as the entire Yoruba movie industry aware that he’s responsible for the baby instead of making it a secret. We also did not take the story serious until we ran into Biola on the set of a yet to be released English movie recently. She was on the set with baby Aminat and to our utmost surprise, baby Amina looks every inch like her father aside the fact that she’s a girl. The obviously hard working mum refused to comment on the issue and kept screaming to the entire casts and crew to leave her baby alone when they won’t stop commenting on her striking resemblance with Pasuma.
Source: Enquirer Magazine


  1. And who the H do you think u're mr alhaji pasuma?

  2. He's not the first to abandon his child - but karma's a bitch, ask Mr. Obama Sr.

  3. Pasuma ur fucking d**k wl put n hot soup someday, so upon all d batallion soldiers u have n ur house, u stl planning wedding wt another woman and she self go breed more? u better take responsiblity on dat child now...nonsense....if u dont want a child dont screw....gush am outta here

  4. I feel bad for her
    How about we ladies stop spreading our legs for every Tom dick and pasuma
    What did she think?
    That she could score and marry her?
    Let's call a spade a spade
    Everyone knows this man is married
    Why enter that territory

    Pasuma word of advice take a DNA test
    I she's yours you have to take responsibility for your dick with no brains

  5. I'm not surprised, with having over 9kids flying around lagos, how do you expect him to take up responsibilities. Whose fault? Biola’s sleeping with someone of this personality or anyone at all without a condom or an agreement of pregnancy. sighs

  6. Rubbish, this girl just fall my hand

  7. Pasuma as so many 'things' trailing him

  8. This guy no dey try at all. Infact all fuji/juju artistes

  9. oh please how dare anyone say a word against pasuma in this case. Is Biola a baby? She opened her legs without protection!!!! Thank God it's baby he gave her not STD. Why did she sleep with him? Didn't she know he had a wife at home? Was she expecting to be made a wife?
    The man didn't sign any agreement that he would accept a pregnancy. If Amina has anyone to blame, it's her mother.

  10. pasuma should try to be using protective(if he must cheat on his wife)enough of all this babies

  11. We ladies should stop. Opening ur legs nd getting preganant to lock a man down is so old. Pasuma is not married, yes he has a lot of baby mothers but women need to know wat they getting into befor trying to lock a niggar down with babies. Most women thinks locking a guy down with pregnancy still work. Hissssss. If he loves u, he will be the one begging to marry u nd to keep d pregnancy.