PATERNITY SCANDAL…DNA: Terry g not the father of 3 year-old daughter


Music producer and singer, Gabriel Amanyi popularly known as Terry G is in a paternity scandal as you read this. Though a lot of people might not know Terry G fathers a child with his long-time girlfriend who got pregnant for him three years ago. The singer who wasn’t ready for marriage agreed to take custody of the child when a lot of pressures came from his girlfriend’s family. Due to his busy schedules, he pledged to take care of the child soon as the baby is born. Lo and behold, he stood by his words.

The baby girl is always seen around the singer’s family mostly at weekends with Terry G’s mother taking full responsibility of the girl.
The girl was also said to have had her 3rd birthday party celebrated lavishly this year at Terry G’s Iju -Fagba home. Aside this, we also learnt he buys the girl clothes and he is also responsible for her feeding.
However bubbles burst recently when a DNA test carried out on the girl shows that Terry G is not the father of the little girl. The girl’s mother and her parents not satisfied with the outcome of the DNA prompted another one which also stated the same result. Still not satisfied, they decided to use another hospital and yet it was the same.
This according to a source in the know, made the singer sick for days as he had already spent so much money on the little girl especially on her education as she is said to be attending one of the best schools in Fagba. We also learnt another reason why he broke down is because he has become so fond of the girl.
Though, Terry’s girlfriend has been living with the shame of swooping another man’s child for the music act but we hear the singer has since been living with the pain from his girlfriend’s betrayal.
To confirm the story, we put a call through to Terry G on Friday, November 04, 2011 and he confirmed the story. “Yes, it’s true we had a DNA test and I’m not the owner of the child. It’s painful because the little girl is fond of me and now, she is not feeling fine, so I need to go and see her and take her to the hospital”
Those close to the singer said the lady refused to own up but Terry G has since moved ahead with his life.
According to friends, “Terry has a good nature; he still tries to do all he can for the little girl not minding the mother”.

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