Yayyy: We reached our first 100 comments already

Singing: Anytime we talk sey we go rock, We go all the way, we go all the way (2xe), Better Cars, Better Clothes on Me, Better parties, Better house And Better peeps on me, See we can take you there, with stories that we write, See that’s the life we live, Like every day, Feeling my superstar (8xe)…Sabadaba…Zubadaba..Yeah, Oh…Yeah…We just celebrating, the problems are no more complicating… Yayyyyyyyyyyy
And so we got our first 100 comments two days back and we are celebrating. We might be new, but not so new anymore. To see the post and how true it is click this link.
For those of you laughing at us, we got more for you, now dancing Windeck Windeck…. And ending it with Naija’s version.. Fi-le ha Fi-le, if you haven’t heard the Fi-le version you are still sitting on a long thing, lol.
Plus I will be making an unusual post tomorrow morning and already apologised to the sender that it will have to wait till then, due to my absence online cuz of production (work) and now need to get my personal bearing. Lol

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