But who is AKOGUN with the special plate number?

This message was forwarded to a blogger on BB. And i think it’s worth blogging. All I will say is this, may the Lord guide us and protect us from these so called ‘olowos’. More so, the other party involved too get bar now. Read the story and check out the bullying, the cheat and the level of lawlessness one can take into his hands in this country… What an Akogun.
Here goes…
Please I need your help and assistance! On Friday night, my driver was returning home with the children after celebrating a birthday dinner out. A hurried Red|Burgundy Hummer Jeep with private Abuja Registration- AKOGUN hit my car from behind. He tricked my driver to drive to Mobil on the expressway by Lagos|Ibadan toll gate for them to chat. The Hummer driver drove off and my driver chased them. When he managed to block them, this Akogun man brought out a spray substance and sprayed both my driver and the 3 children in the vehicle temporarily blinding them and leaving them disorientated. The man’s wife was present in the Hummer in addition to a personal assistant and their driver. Please I need to know the identity of this maniac or the movement of this Hummer Jeep. Any help to broadcast this anomaly will be greatly appreciated. Apparently he also said he had a gun and threatened to shoot the driver knowing full well there were small children in the car, the youngest being 7yrs old. Please call 08052354377 if you have any information. Jide and Suzzane Oduyoye.

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