Messy: Suzy Q throws D’Prince out of Club Jonzing

Things have indeed fallen apart between Susan Yusuf a.k.a Suzy Q and D’Prince. It will be recalled that Susan wanted something better for her club and invited D’Prince over. D’Prince took up the job and with the help of Susan and the club name was changed to Club Jonzing, but of course with an agreement in place.
According to Olorisupergirl, Susan is not pleased with the way the club is been managed by D’Prince and to make matters worse money wasn’t flowing in like she expected. And so, decided to throw him out.
The two sides were contacted, hear them;

Susan: She does not want to disclose the amount of the money D’Prince is owing her and that she was not impressed with the progress of the club. She also confirmed to us that she had several meetings with him and he promised to change things but she didn’t see any improvement. So she changed the name from Club Jonzing to Club SQ. She also said she sent him a quick notice in October.
D’Prince: Speaking through a representative; “They do not owe her a PENNY and that she is cooking up the story to defend herself. She is a terrible person and that Suzy did not disclose anything about the accounts to them. She did not allow us check the accounts too. To clear all this , they are no longer  associated with SUZY SQ anymore and we do not owe her a PENNY. That right now, D’Prince is focusing on his tour in January 2012. In conclusion, It is a fabrication to tie D’Prince down” she said.

This is coming just three months after the highly publicized Club Jonzing.

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