Olumide Ogunlesi goes AWOL

OLUMIDE Ogunlesi, eldest son of Lagos businessman, Mr. Fola Ogunlesi is one silver- spoon chap, who had many things going for him. Besides running his father’s event centre, Fantasyland in Ikoyi, Olumde is also the proud owner of LUMOG luxury perfume, which controlled a significant share of the market some years back. So famous was Olumide on the social scene that there were nowhere his tentacles was not seen and felt. But all of a sudden the guy disappeared. His absence from the scene was once attributed to ill health, which reports say he has since overcome, while others alleged that Olumide Ogunlesi may have fallen on bad times financially. Today, the once bubbly young man is not regular on the happening scene as was the case in the days of yore when he was still in his element. Worse still, his LUMOG perfume is no longer in circulation, while Fantasyland is more like ghost land, with virtually no activity taking place unlike before. Many years ago, the pool side of Fantasyland used to be the convergence point of many celebrities who live and work on the Island. The last time Olumide’s name  was mentioned in the media was when Gbenga, son of former Nigeria’s president, Olusegun Obasanjo accused him of being allegedly involved with his then wife, Moji.
Source: thenation

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