Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Quote of the Day: Tinubu Lacks The Charisma To Be Yoruba Leader – Otunba Gani Adams

He is a socialite. Apart from that, he does not have the spiritual means. Awolowo did not spend money for people to follow him before they followed him blindly. Asiwaju Bola Tinubu does not have the spiritual means to be Yoruba leader.
You can’t be a Yoruba leader to the extent that you can say go and give some one N500m because you want to capture a state. You don’t buy peoples conscience to be a leader in Yoruba land. It’s a matter of time. Awolowo did it without money.


  1. Gani is always against everyone. Who is with him? Lol

  2. Whoever typed for this man in English, oshi.

    And U e go loju or wht do they call you, leave fashola to rule lagos. U were once a gov, and no one disturbed you. Let him do things his own way. Not forgetting no one will pay you a dime for that lekki toll gate.

  3. Lol @ the Lekki toll gate comment

  4. After lavishing OPC’s money with his hummer jeep and white attires

  5. Though I don’t buy any idea from otunba, it is true you can’t be a leader and still use cash to buy up a state.

  6. The OPC leader might be nursing an ambition

  7. Awolowo's time is different. Tinubu's time is now. Different seasons. The present times dictate that money needs to be spent to be relevant in politics. Who would he rather have? OBJ? One difference with Tinubu is that Ibos like him. With Awo, the Ibos hated him especially the role he played during the Civil War.

  8. These OPC people are all sell outs! Wasn't it Dr. Faseun who was seen at Abacha's memorial last year? After that, people started identifying him as part of the Fifth Column.
    Adams should concentrate on his Ifa festivals and leave politicians to deal with politics.

  9. I agree with shakara things are changing. cant compare what they do in politics now with the past.

  10. Gani must def be an ifa person. His ways of thinking are those of his forefathers

  11. Tinubu is a drug dealer turned government informant. It's amazing that till today no one seems to talk about this, when the documents about him and Remi's drug trafficking activities are there for all to see via FOIA.

  12. OPC used to be honest and powerful but not anymore. The love of money has taken over..phew

  13. i really admire tinubu for his brains and tenacity i also admire his generosity but i must admit gain adams is right.
    compared to the present leaders like gbenga daniel,akala and others who are his contemporaries in age and achievements tinubu is worth being a yoruba leader but compared with awolowo then he is nowhere to be found..
    besides everyone knows gain adams is into diabolical and fetish stuffs so he probably knows through his ogboni society and other secret cults that maybe tinubu was chickening out or wasn't as committed hence the comment.

    awolowo was a proud ogboni member and if you search the archives you will still find some of his pics where he was putting on the cloth thingy the ogbonis use proudly even h.i.d is a proud ogboni strong member

  14. Gani Adams is biting what he cannot chew!Who is Gani Adams if not for the medias that pays him attention?What Asiwaju has done no yoruba leader apart from Awolowo has achieved it.The era of Awolowo is quite different from what we have now and every situation demand a corresponding ACTION!He doesn't know what he was saying probably he was on a cheap drug while uttering those unguarded statements.

  15. @ehis
    while i am also a supporter of tinubu pls let us nigerians be honest with ourselves.

    tinubu is nothing more than a criminal same as the rest of his corrupt politician friends... lets assume that foreigners could contest nigerian elections and we had a choice between say obama,david cameron,tony blair and fashola you will choose fashola over them?

    what exactly has he ac sieved apart from fashola?
    like the man said a bonafide,honest leader will not use money to buy elections/votes like he does...

    it is only in nigeria that we hail and praise a politician doing the work he is getting paid for as if he is extra ordinary if fashola was abroad let us be honest he won't score 40% performance wise but i understand the
    accolades is because he has done a lot of what his contemporaries have failed to do so its like in the land of the blind the one eyed an is king.

    having said all that i agree with you that tinubu is simply playing the game the way it is being played in this political climate and is at least putting up governors who are trying

  16. I so much hate it when people post dumb comments,i really admire tinubu for his brains and tenacity??,what's that??.Gani Adams nice one,the fact is politics came freely to the great sage not the other who is an attention seeking bastard who was just opportuned.

  17. Anon 23:04 - make your point without resorting to abusing people. What's dumb about the comments here? You are the dumb one.

  18. my own humble piece,BABA Awo led from the front all what we enjoy today in the South West is bcuz of him,of all the regions with kidnapping,rape,boko haram,fulanis attacking,militancy,but OLE OF ALL OLE's even the Asiwaju title was bought,he is a good student of the IBB school of thought,just throw money at the problem or bribe it into submission,this crooked drug dealer i REPEAT will never be a leader,a man that lies about everthing,his father's compound,the name he uses his schools from primary to uni have been proven to be lies,his origin,in short A PETTY CROOK IN MY BOOK,BABA AWO WAS A STUDENT AND GRADUATED FROM INNER TEMPLE(BRITISH BAR)AND BABA ADMINISTERED A WHOLE REGION WITH ACHIEVMENTS IN 6 YRS FROM 1954-1959 WITHOUT A BLUEPRINT,BUT THIS IDIOT HAD 8 YRS FOR A SMALL STATE AND STOLE IT BLIND.IN HIS WILDEST DREAMS.GANI WA SORI RE,HE HAS NO PLACE IN THE PANTHEON OF ORUBA LEGENDS.THERE IS A WISE SAYING THAT GOES THUS:WE BEGRUDGE PEEPS WHEN THEY ACHIEVE WHERE WE HAVE FAILED(TINUBU DISTURBING THE GREAT FASH(THE NEW AWO)LET ACHIEVEMENTS SPEAK NOT COCAINE INFESTED TALK.THANK YOU ALL FOR LISTENING

  19. @omo eko
    Very well said
    Whats it with tinubu
    Nigeirans are too sentimental
    Hes a bloody thief proven!
    Hes a coke addict and trafficker proven!
    Hes a liar proven!
    When will yorubas and nigerians wake up and bullshit this old thieving politicians instead of sucking up to them
    The thing tire me

    I dont support all of Ganis ideaologies but this I support 100%
    The youth need to wake up and lets take this country back from hags like this