Saturday, January 15, 2011


Even in the house, R n B singer, Banky W wears his hat. It looks like he is sleeping. What is this guy hiding though?

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Friend Indeed

A friend sent me this. All these about me?  Thank you my friend jare…. muawhh

So full of life with so much to do
she spreads her wings and flies,
when someone needs a helping hand
you know she'll hear their cries.

A friend like her is hard to find
I know because I've tried.
She wears her heart upon her sleeve
but, I've never seen her cry.

When I'm in need she is right there
busy or not, she'll find the time.
Her wings don't show, but I know
for me they always shine.

She hates to wait, but that's no crime
you have to understand her.
She'll give you the shirt right off her back;
she's everybody's mother.

I'm proud to say that she's my friend
don't know what I'd do without her,
so I just wrote this little poem
to let her know I love her.

To a great friend, with love

Zeeworld to hold birthday party with friends

Zeeworld, who loves to call himself 'the tetenbo master' will be having his 13years on stage alongside a birthday bash on the 29th of this month here in Ogba. Look up for more details.

What Rukky wants you to know?

.She might not be a fantastic actress, but I think I like her. She as a new hairdo on and obviously wants us to know.
‘A pic of my new hairdo, lol’. she said.

Shan George finally finds love

Fading actress Shan George and now an upcoming musician has finally tied the knot. Shan has got kids from a previous marriage and hoping she will have more in this. Here's wishing her a happy married life. Atleast, thank God she will not be linked to many men again, we now know who her husband his. congratulations to the actress.

Celebrity Seeds: Actress Oge Okoye's Kids


Aren’t they cute?


I love this wanna be actress because she won’t stop making a mockery of herself. She is one actress that has graced the covers of many tabloids than movie covers. Probably a magazine wrote about her trying to get a new life after acting in a porn movie, and here’s what she wrote on her twitter page screaming to the world, some cheap publicity you had say.
‘See all dese our journalistz ooh*who told u guyz am seekin a nu life*Tahhhh STOP DAT*I fuckin luv ma life like diz mehn*una enjoy’
Sure I can’t stop laughing either. I advise this bleaching actress to concentrate on improving her career rather than causing some unreasonable stunts.

Monday, January 10, 2011


I culled this out from The blogger/model posted this picture and here's what he said with it.

''Before boys became men, they were certainly be small thing o! no matter how 'little junior' was tamed even with blade, it still grows to go wayward...LOL...''

wetin concern me, thank God he is a man!

New joke for the year: Genevieve pregnant for D'banj

It's a new year. How interesting to see new astonishing jokes. 'Pregnancy tale trails Genevieve', they should have used a better picture of her atleast. D'banj is my ideal man, since when? I love journalism, chei! lol.

23 wives, 52 kids surface @ barrister's burial? Omo that one na long thing, lol.

It's a no no!

I have seen alot of this b4. but who ever did this wande coal's own, have done him no justice at all. This is the wackest i have ever seen...wpheeee.


Just came across this pic now, and i cant stop loving it....muawhhhh

Duncan Mighty On Mercy Johnson

Someone saw an animated video of Duncan Mighty’s ‘I don’t give a shot’, and here is what he said the singer said.
 ‘Mercy Johnson nearly touch my rod…if you love me, I go love you, if you gbadun mi, I go gbadun you… no dey use ikebe television mi’.
In the first place, I don’t believe Mercy Johnson can have anything to do with this Port Harcourt based singer. And even though they got close in one way or the other, why must he turn that to a song? Oh ok I get it now, to sell his records? Oh no! He wants more fame....long hiss… he as totally failed. I advise this not too good looking guy to sit back and think of a better way to make his career better than trying to tarnish someone’s image. No be only rod!!!

Tiwa Salvage On WOW

Don't we luv this? A naija sister in the music world looking this pretty. Thank you tiwa jare, hoping the blown ones will learn from you.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

M.I And Kelly Hansome @ War Again

When the going was good
Why should M.I diss Kelly Hansome in his latest album and expect Kelly to keep quiet about this, knowing he doesn’t take bullshits. Even when you don’t refer to him, he throws stones. M.I started this and here’s what he said in his MI2 album, ‘See dis wowo boy dey form handsome, Kelechukwu clap for yourself… well done.
And days ago Kelly’s facebook status read ‘Now in the studio to reply Jude Abaga, I’ma kill this in an hour. Big up uglybeatz!!’.
He also went ahead on Friday stating, ‘I dey my own some boi dey recite my name like a poem, where were you all? Yet he claims he doesn’t know me…lmao. ‘Kelly Hansome is handsome’ now na wowo How many times now? You all just wait and see how incredible he is… he must have a chocolate master plan…these blood test 1.. buhahahaha! Illuminate your minds, fools!!’.
Indeed these dudes won’t kill us o. Kelly hansome has released a track via his twitter page titled ‘finish you boy’, where he spoke his mind on how he feels about M.I and the chocolate city boys. Jesse Jags and Ice prince have also replied Kelly hansome, but what would they have done? lol
Kelly likes trouble sha, why should he use his pic and MI’s on his facebook page; I mean at this time of this their brouhaha. Search for ‘Kelly Hansome’ on facebook to see for yourself, be sure the spellings are right pls.

Comedian I Go Dye Beaten Blue Black

This to me isn’t funny at all. Comedian I Go Dye got beaten up by an army officer days back at President Goodluck Jonathan-led Warri campaign rally for former Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan. Here’s how vanguard paper reported it;
 I Go Dye and his friends including I Go Save, Oguns Baba and his manager  were allegedly brutalised by a group of  military personnel led  by a senior officer  at the Warri Stadium when they were about to mount the stage to perform.
I heard it was not a child’s play as the comedian was thoroughly beaten. Here’s what I Go Dye said about his ordeal;
“I confirm the story to be true. The soldiers beat me blue and black. Right now, I’m on my way to the hospital; and as I am talking to you, I have also instructed my lawyer to file a suit against the Nigerian Army unless they apologise in writing within a period of seven days”.
We hear Ali Baba was the Master of Ceremony, so lets hear what he has got to say;
“I had just called up I Go Dye to come on stage when a certain Colonel BA Mohammed approached with his friends including Oguns Baba, I Go Save and his manager. I Go Dye had thought the Army officer had wanted to ask him some questions but pushed him which led to him losing his balance and hitting the ground. What followed that incident was like a scene from horror movie,” Ali Baba stated.
“It was the height of callousness. I didn’t know that an Army officer of the rank of a Colonel could display such callousness. The incident led all of us to leave the stadium because the officer refused to apologise’’, he also said.
How bad