Friday, January 21, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Unveiling I Go dye's Little Family

Stella Abulu
Her names are Stella Abulu. She is an ex beauty queen and face of Edo 2008 and now the wife of comedian I Go Dye. They both met at one of her charity events where I Go Dye came as a guest. That is their son, Roy and he is 4months old.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


It’s getting hotter, loving all the celebs. M.I is always beside Uche sha, and stop pointing those fingers at her…lol… just kidding.


Hear Paddy Adenuga Talk;

Whichever babes that made the wack #!@%*# "Kilode" song & "Awon girls" track that hv been going around are the razzest babes God ever created.
After reading this, I had to search for the babe that sang the ‘Kilode’ song, funny enough, all my searches gave me EVA, a new upcoming female act. Shocked? What could I have said? NUHHHHHHHH this ain’t right. The poor babe who should be in her late 20’s is just trying to get herself a life in the music industry. I’m so sure Paddy has never met her, but what could have made him say a thing like that after listening to her song. Anyway, this is hype for this new upcoming act, at least a lot of people want to hear the song now and see if truly it’s WACK! Here’s a link to the song.

Goldie In Love Issues

Only God knows what happened between jawo jawo crooner, Goldie and her boyfriend. The female musician is currently in London, and I scoop the guy lives there too. She typed on a social network yesterday saying;
 Love isn't enough to make a relationship work...Other factors are critical; especially letting go of your pride’.
These got most of her fans worried and several questions were popped to her. After dodging from asking some intimate questions, she finally opened up to one Esther Nwaoyo, saying;
Its fine, just relationship and love palava.
Well, I went back to see her page, and I think Goldie has gotten out of that mood and have moved on.
You are so right girl, letting go of your ‘pride’, hmmm… I know what you mean and I’m sure many ladies do.

Monday, January 17, 2011


I wish these girls didn’t dress this way. Ini has got a wrong hair do, her forehead? OMG… And Uche’s new look… It’s absurd….

Sunday, January 16, 2011

YUK: Uche bends to take a pic with M.I

Will they make a good couple? Nollywood actress Uche Jumbo and rapper M.I.. lwkm…. And Uche bends a little bit to get more comfortable with the pic. Ok M.I is fine SIMPLE…

Celebrity Seed: Jumoke Alao's cute daughter

Here’s a pic of former AIT’s launch hour presenter Jumoke Alao and here is her daughter who happens to be her first child. And of course that’s her husband there. They both tied the knot months back. Cute couple= cute baby.

Annie Macaulay

Well this is a free promo, but it doesn't matter to me. when people want you to see something, they say hey 'look' and they post it. So this is Annie Macaulay one of Tuface babymamas and an upcoming actress. She is really getting hotter by the day.


This people won't kill us,lolz. thanks to Gbenga Adeyinka.