Friday, January 28, 2011

What Banky W Can't Do

A lot of ladies might be disappointed in this, but I guess some might see it as no big deal, ‘well we are to cook for the guys’. R&B singer and one of Nigeria’s finest, Bankole Wellington artistically known as Banky w attempted to cook rice and stew last week Sunday for the first time in three years. The funnest part of it is that, the singer wasn’t so sure may be the first thing to do was to pour the vegetable oil before the pepper or the pepper before the vegetable oil. According to people in the know, this musician had to call up his P.A who was with him all through instructing him on how to do it right via his black berry mobile till the food was ready. Some men! But isn’t Banky lucky, and most men that can’t cook? You have got ladies who will do all the cooking, its Nigeria baby, and it’s our culture

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dan Foster yet in another dilemma

But could this really be true. The only reason why former radio personality, kemistry quit her job or was she sacked was because of Dan Foster, that’s the only name she kept mentioning, stating she can’t take the bullying any more. And now another presenter on Inspiration FM, Shola Thompson who has been a delight to many of his listeners is about quitting. He took to his twitter page stating thus;
‘Shola Thompson is abt to quit inspiration fm bcus dan foster is abt to run it to d ground’ he stated.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Actress Toyin Aimakhu is heavily pregnant and she is believed to be living with her partner in London.

Memo to a musician

This gist is so true and I’m not so happy to write about it, but I guess it’s wrong to cheat others, especially when they really helped you without looking back. As a matter of fact, the only reason why I won’t mention this guy’s name is because e go get as e be. This guy has been on the music scene for quite a while now, but luck came his way a year ago when he was signed under a record label owned by an Ibo big boy based in Canada. He was given a magnum car, but with a driver, as the record label owner [CEO] didn’t want him to handle the car as he might soon ruin it. Anyway, he managed to go out with the car one day, and had a terrible accident with it, and by then, the CEO wasn’t in the country. I learnt the dreadlock wearing musician was so broke that he couldn’t afford to fix just one of the tyres, not to talk about the whole damage. Someone then introduced him to a guy who is into pimping rides. To cut the long story short, this dude fixed the musician’s car without receiving a dime, but promised to pay for the repairs once the car is been fixed. The repairs got the pimp my ride guy spending thousands of naira, but all he got back from the musician was peanuts, and after several arguments, he promised to settle the bills soon as he returns from a show in Jos. The car was released to him [the musician] six months ago, and till date the slim built tall dark musician is yet to fulfil his promise and has stopped picking this guy’s calls. I hear the guy is so much bitter with the artiste that he told his friends to beware of Nigerian artistes as some of them could be fraudsters. Anyway, I hope someone reading this will alert the musician to please go pay up his debt, as I might be forced to mention his name if I receive another call from this pimp my ride guy. The most annoying is this, how could you stop picking his calls? Obviously this guy isn’t ready to pay back.
To know who this musician is, he has a riff with another musician and has released a song about it. The song actually brought him back to limelight and a video of it is currently been aired. His name sounds like another name we can give a Hausa security man. And in another way, what other names do the Yoruba’s call a Hausa man? Oh now you know him, tell him to go pay up his debt.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Troublesome Kelly

Kelly hansome is sure a troublesome guy. He recently had a clash with M.I and that was when he posted his pic and M.I's own together on his face book page. And now, the self -acclaimed Igwe, has changed the pic to himself and kenny ogungbe's. Troublesome, thats the only word,lol.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Are you tired? You can't be, oya oya push, mumu.

Secrets no one will tell you about M.I

This is true and I call it secrets no one will tell you about M.I. I’m not so much into the rap thing, but with M.I on the mic? Damn it I’m in. Would it interest you that when the rapper got into the country few years back from the United states, he was actually refused visa to return back to the States, and that was why he stayed back in Nigeria. Do you know all kinds of jobs he did in the US? He washed toilets, worked in restaurants and all sorts. It was while thinking of the next thing to do in life that he thought of music. Thank God the oyinbos refused him the Visa. I say thank God again on his behalf, lol. And see who MI is today. This car is his latest machine.

Nomoreloss welcomes babygirl!

Congratulations to former singer Nomoreloss who I hear is now into the nightclub business and his beautiful wife or is it babe [if not married] that welcomed their first baby together as a couple on the 15th of this month. The chic’s name is Deola Osinuga a.k.a Phoenix who is an on air personality with Rhythm Fm. I’m yet to find out the name of their new baby girl.

Eldee, Naeto C, Ice Prince Registers and post pics.

Rapper Eldee,Naeto C, Ice Prince and songstress Lami registering to vote. Have you also registered?

Celebsiwouldgetinashower with?

Ruggedman started it… he got tired of the beef tweets he has been receiving. So he said tired of this beef/hate tweets. I want to start something else, can you guess? Then he goes; celebsIwouldgetinashowerwith and that was how some of his colleagues and fans started saying theirs. Well Ruggedman’s choice was top model Oluchi, he didn’t stop at that as he also mentioned one more. And suddenly he said Mercy Johnson. This is indeed an open confession. Yes, he might not get Oulchi who is married to a top designer outside the country again, but actress Mercy Johnson is still single. I’m sure some olofofo’s would have whispered it into Mercy’s ears, if only she could give him a chance. At least this one na open toast.