Saturday, February 5, 2011

Here Comes Soundcity's New DJ

So Ex Monster music Dj, Shabzy is now on Soundcity?  I don’t know if this is stale, but I’m currently seeing Soundcity, and its party time with DJ Shabzy. Meen, this guy is so hottt, he is just craziii.
Oh I’m so happy for him. But it seems he has changed from playing most of his tile tile songs, cuz these entire one’s I’m seeing now are mostly the big boyz songs o.
I know he lives around Abule Egba, so he plays much of that. Or as he moved to Victoria Island, cuz there’s nothing environment can’t change in one’s life.
Shabzy is such a humble fellow. I got introduced to him by one of my music producer friend, and before I could get down of the car, hey here was Shabzy opening the door saying your highness, nothing made me happier that night.
Here is me saying I love you Shabzy, brotherly love o. And I like the LIVE PARTY TWEETS thing, it’s got enuf swag.

My Culture

I don’t owe this guy no apology, no no no, I don’t. Why should he post this pic, what the eff is wrong with him? What African culture? Thumbs up, laughing my ass out.

Omotola And Hubby

It’s either you love them or hate them. Check out Omotola and her Pilot husband. #Beef killz… Don’t hate. 14years or even over and still waxing stronger? I like!

Seyi Law To Wed In March

Seyi Law is set to quit bachelorhood. The comedian who won the best comedian for the year at the just concluded Future Awards openly dedicated the award to his fiancée who he says he will be getting married to in March.
Seyi until now wasn’t so sure about his career, before entering into a competition with other upcoming comedians at comedian Ay’s Open Mic show, and has since been a force to reckon with. Here’s wishing him all the best in life as he takes this bold step.

Fathia Balogun Clocks 40, Gets Engagement Ring

Believe it or not estranged wife of Actor Saheed Balogun, Fathia Balogun is engaged. Indeed, the actor does not need to stress himself any more over Fathia dropping his name.
Fathia clocked 40 today, and she is so full of thanks. But who won’t? At 40 you are divorced and getting married again.
A source in the know, says she will be tying the knots come 21st of May, 2011. She has been spotted wearing her engagement ring, and showing it off at that.
And Opps! Saheed Balogun just got dumped by his upcoming actress girlfriend that is very good at lying, Funke Adesiyan.

Friday, February 4, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Details On Fresh Crisis Rocking Dagrin's Movie

It will be recalled that Tunde who managed Dagrin’s career while alive , sent out a press release at the beginning of this week asking people to desist from the yet to be released  Stingomania’s Ghetto Dreamz, a movie which will portray the life and times of the late rapper. In another like manner, a faceless group have been sending a message via blackberry mobile stating almost the same reason. In a broadcast sent to me, it says,

‘Pls desist from the new Dagrin Movie in progress, auditions and movie recording is a scam purported by Ope Banwo of stingomania fame. Dagrin’s family are still in abject poverty. The fact is you can’t reap where you did not sow. Nigerian artistes and the general public should stop this act’
To clear the air waves, I placed a call to Mr. Ope Banwo at exactly 6.40pm today, who denied all these allegations, alerting me that, a meeting was held yesterday evening at Dagrin’s father’s attorney office, Ayorinde and Ayorinde head of chambers in Ikoyi. He further went ahead saying that, they have been having meetings with the late rapper’s family since last year July and all necessary documents have been signed.
I didn’t stop at that, as I also placed a call to Tunde (Dagrin’s manager).
Tunde confirmed he actually sent out a press release, but all has been settled now, as he was also part of the meeting which took place yesterday at the attorney’s office. ‘I couldn’t just sit and fold my arms, when it came to my knowledge that one Ope Banwo is planning to shoot a movie on behalf of my artiste without my knowledge. It was after the press release that they came in touch with me. But according to Dagrin’s father, they have been in talks for quite a while now. We have settled it and I’m happy now. The only mistake they made was that they were contacting the family lawyer instead of informing us first' Tunde concluded.
An undisclosed amount was given to the family yesterday. 20% of the proceeds will still be given to them when the movie is finally released and 10% will be meant for charity. The audition for the movie is set to take place during the weekend.
Yes, whichever blog/website can come here and steal my post again without acknowledging me, thieves, Ole. Yet, they won’t comment, making it look like no one is reading, and right on their blogs, are my stories.

Ngozi Nwosu's Plight

Contrary to the rumours flying around town that Fuji house of commotion super star, Ngozi Nwosu is HIV positive is far from the truth.
The actress who dazzles with her character in the weekly television programme is said to be down with cancer of the blood, a disease as worst as HIV itself, a source said.
Another source says, she was last spotted at the not too long ago held Miss Oshodi beauty pageant which took place in Oshodi.
She has lost so much weight, and she is believed to be receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital in Lagos.
If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will remember that, we were the first people to alert the public on her sudden weight loss, and we are the only one that have got the picture everyone is currently using.
Its only painful sometimes that people come to this blog and steal pictures and stories without acknowledging us. Some do though.
Here’s wishing the actress good health, and May the Lord make everything new in her. Amen.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gbenga Adeyinka On Weight Loss

Gbenga 2nd from right

Gbenga Adeyinka, the not so much talked about comedian is obviously not happy with himself. The comedian who was once a toast to many is trying every physical possible means of shedding his body fat. I learnt he desires a new look, but the fats are proving stubborn and not wanting to go. Gbenga poses in the pic above with few colleagues. Check out his tommy, indeed we all agree the pot belly needs to go.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Ozone Productions Present Pre Valentine Party For Fun Seekers

Ozone is my friend, and he has been reping Surulere well. There’s about no artiste or just very few, this guy haven’t brought to Surulere free of charge. He is having a pre valentine party for Surulere and Lagos people in general on the 12th of February. Look up and see how many known artistes are coming, and for just N500? Obviously, he only wants people to catch their fun. And all the proceeds go to charity? Good Guy! A real big round of applaud. BRAVO!