Thursday, February 10, 2011

Grow Some Hair

There’s this new act in the music industry, and I hear he just got signed on to Kennis Music. His name is Joe Everlasting, who his friends refer to as Jol El. This guy as the pic says it all is a splitting image of Tuface Idibia.
In his new single, I No Mind, Joe sounded like Tuface, while is promotional video has seen several fans of Tuface mistaken him for the multi award winner.
I’m not angry about this, as resemblance isn’t a sin. But to try and sound and even have the same hair cut with this guy, its not right and that's a sin.
I advise Joe El, to please grow some hair, so their fans could spot a difference. And if you don’t yield to advice, then keep living under another man’s shadow, and let’s see how many awards you will get.
Pic: tnx to Bigboui

2shortz Wants New Look

Fading music act, 2shortz who nothing or just a little has been heard about him lately is sure not finding his ‘old ibo’ looks funny anymore. The dude who is in his 30’s have been keeping his bears for a long time now, which has shortlisted him from the group of ‘Nigerian Clean Music Men’, a group he was once part of.
He was heard discussing with a close friend earlier today, about his willingness to let go of the so called bears.
Thank God 2shortz wants this off now, biko a lot of us see him on the streets and don’t even wanna say hi. Check out the pics for yourselves.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Trybson Plays Dagrin In Ghetto Dreamz

After all said and done. The audition for the new Dagrin movie took place over the weekend and one Trybson has been chosen to play this symbolic role.
Not only has he got almost the same look with the late rapper, he has very deep intense of music, and have got the right swag the producers of the movie are looking for.
It has since been a perfect journey, a source said. The only thing a lot of the youths won’t agree with is the lady chosen to play the role of his girlfriend in the movie.
‘A lot of people already know Doris Simeon, she is a known face, she is way older than Dagrin, she is married with a kid, are they, the producers now saying she is the best person for the role, even with thousands of beautiful young girls on the streets of Lagos? No we think it’s not right’, the source concluded.
Doris is the wife of Daniel Ademinokan, the guy directing the movie and she is a very notable face in the Yoruba movie world.
Now we know why.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


One of the fun loving actresses we have around, Rukky Sanda attended City People’s party which was held today for Emen Isong a seasoned producer in Nollywood. A lot of actresses were in attendance to support their producer.
Rukky looks totally bleached as you can see in the pic above. But I still think no matter what, when you are black, you are black. No matter how well you bleach, you can NEVER turn white.
Obviously, she knows people would scream about her new look, coupled with the ‘red’ hair do, so she decided to cover the hair with a black cap, leaving a little in front. Check her out flaunting the hair in the pic below.  ‘Rihanna needs to sue someone’, ok she will never get to see this.
So I tried to Google about bleached skin, and what I won’t forget so soon about it is this, Bleached Skin Smells.

Celeb Style

Yes Actress Mercy Johnson looks so fly, we agree you can’t have everything; we will still manage you with that gold bag. It happens to most ladies jare, even with 54shoes and loads of bags, I still do colour riots, lol.

U Don't Want To See This

Can anyone see that pic clearly, that’s Ice Prince the Oleku crooner dosing off on a plane.
But is this really true, cuz Jesse Jagz claims Ice Prince was actually in his slumber zone. And M.I watches on, as he plays the devils advocate,lol.
Me think it’s not fair joor. Wish someone catches Jagz on this too.

S*x-Starved Husband, MFM Pastor Divorce Wife for not giving him S*X

For failing to satisfy his s*xual desires, a Pastor with the Mountain Of Fire and Miracles Ministries,(MFM) Olusegun Gbadamosi, yesterday asked an Ikeja High Court to dissolve his 12 year-old marriage to Anthonia Gbadamosi.

He had approached the court presided over by Justice Joseph Oyewole specifically seeking for the dissolution of his marriage on grounds of abandonment

He told the court that the marriage, which was solemnised on April 18, 1998 had failed to produce any children despite several attempts which included the IVF (Invitro Uterine Fertilisation) process.
The 40-year old pastor said after series of tests it was discovered that his wife had fibroid, a situation which made her to become a completely different person.
“She became aggressive, hostile and confrontational despite all my pleas. She banned s* between both of us forever,” the petitioner said.
He further told the court that his 44-year old wife moved out of their matrimonial home on June 6, 2009 while he was away on a church programme.
Gbadamosi said: “When I came back, I was very shocked because she never divulged the new place of her abode.
“I sought for her, went to her office, knelt down for her publicly and begged her to return home because God can still do it.”
He alleged that his wife told him she left their marriage to seek for a child elsewhere because she was told to do so by God.
The petitioner therefore asked the court to dissolve the marriage because his wife has moved on with her life.
The case was adjourned till 2 March 2011 for cross-examination and defence.
Oh my God, this is so pathetic, what will this pastor do now?. Considering the fact that you are not allowed to marry another person, except your partner dies.