Saturday, March 5, 2011


Oh my God, see what some Nigerian girls are doing…hmm what the western culture brings… only God will help

Check Out The Dagrin Movie Poster

Here is how the poster for the Dagrin movie looks like. Wow fantastic, we still miss him though, seems just like the accident happened last week Thursday. RIP Olaitan, they can only imitate you; they can never be like you.

Friday, March 4, 2011

What Comes With Music For Whizkid

So whizkid has got a mate now. I see dem rolling with dem girls, ok what comes with music.

In case you don’t know whizkid, y’all have heard the song ‘holla @ur boy’, yea that’s whizkid a.ka. Banky w’s godson, hahaha, but it’s true.
And now young chics bin writtin his name on their ok, still what comes with music, lol.

Photoshopped Or Real?

No, this can’t be true. This must be photoshopped. How can there be a movie on this. But it looks so real, I’m sure it’s photoshopped please. Anyway, our fingers are crossed waiting to see the impossible.

Ruggedman Launches Album Tonite In Kaduna

Jesse jags on the right
Ruggedman will be having the Kaduna Launch of his latest album, Unstoppable tonight in one of the best clubs Kaduna parades. He was spotted landing Kaduna with his junior colleague Jesse Jags this afternoon. 
Jesse Jags, the guy behind Ice prince’s Oleku beat, looks so chubby now, but only God can tell what happened to his face. What went wrong with that fine face Jesse?
He was also spotted taking pictures with the flight crew that showed him love.

When A Boy Lies

Aww, but this isn't true now

Blackberry Madness

Omo this one na longthing..BB no go kill us o,lol

Actress Halima Abubakar Rebrands

Halima Abubakar is one of the most sought-after Nollywood actresses. The Kogi State-born actress returned from a trip of four different countries where she went to shop for classy outfits for her wardrobe.
Her decision to rebrand may not be unconnected with the fact that a couple of companies have approached her to be their ambassador and with the look of things, she is very likely to put pen to paper with one of them soon.
Abubakar may be reaping the fruit of her hard labour as one of the most sought-after Nollywood actresses, but this would not have become a reality because, out of frustration, she almost called it quits some years back.
Halima, who attributed her success to the support of God, said she would have quit acting some years back, no thanks to some scandals that almost threw her off balance.
She has paid the price of being a celebrity as well as experienced the good, bad and ugly moments, but her perseverance and never-say-die spirit has paid off after all as she now appears in virtually every English movie and yet the scripts keep coming.
Halima, has abandoned all her social network profile due to the internet fraudsters that were using her name and pictures for fraudulent activities for a months.
In a chat with her she stated; ‘I’m back and better to the industry and I’m fully back for my fans and this time if anybody mess with me, I’ll gladly mess with the person, because people always take advantage of me, being humble and an easy going person. I have also resumed to my entire social network, and it has been working more effectively than before.’
“I am a consummate actress, and I have been very busy working, if you check the weekly release of movies, you’ll see that I have been part of a whole lot of movies, producing is not it for me now, all I am after is to do my job which is acting,” she hinted.  I’m sure her fans can’t wait to see the sexy actress dazzle them once more. Here’s saying congrats on her return, and hoping olofofo’s will look elsewhere.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Struggling Music Act, Ayzee Yo Release Diss Song For Terry G

Back in the days when the going was good, oh no!
This is really a serious issue. Does Terry g slip through a quarter of the year without having one issue or the other? But I guess it’s not his fault, as he has been a victim of bad friends, or do we say colleagues? But that is not the gist. Now sit back, relax and get a cold drink and read the true story according to a tatafo who says she knows why Terry g’s long-time friend, Ayzee Yo, decided to diss him.
It all stated few years back, when Terry g started out with his beatz productions. Terry g met with the owners of Bluemoon Records whom one of them is Ayzee’s elder brother. They wanted Terry g to help produce beats for the artistes under the record label, especially Ayzee. Terry g did according to what they asked, but Ayzee never ‘blowed’ beyond their studio. Ayzee and Terry g were very close friends and lived together at the apartment which was rented for them by Bluemoon in Kudirat Abiola Estate, Iju before Terry g moved out when he desired to start a new life, as the owners of the Record label were far away in the United States and his career was been tied down. The owners of Bluemoon Records were in Nigeria some months back and were not happy about Terry g’s new found success. They even tried to pay some Journalists to spoil Terry g’s name and music career, but it still didn’t work. I don’t know why Ayzee is angry with Terry G, Ayzee broke the tie of friendship between them when he saw that Terry g was determined to be a made star, he even ignored him shortly after Terry g opened his multi million naira studio at Iju. In Ayzee’s song he says,
Olohun Mr. Bling, but he no dey shine,
Olohun Mr. swag but e don dey mad
For three years Bluemoon, house you, cloth you and fed you, Bluemoon made you.
I think he is so pointless; don’t your record label have the right to cloth you? A lot of music producers were just not interested in giving Ayzee a beat to his ‘Letter to Terry g’ song and that was why it was produced by one Oga jojo, who nobody practically knows. Ayzee is a failed musician, trying to climb up through Terry g who was his friend in the past, she concluded.
Indeed, you will agree with me, that a bottle of coke was needed to savour down this gist. What more is left to say, well to me, if Terry g says he is Mr. Bling Bling, then Ayzee had better get a name for himself, names full ground now.

What You Don’t Know About The New Dagrin

We know the completion of the new movie on Dagrin is almost ready, but a lot of people don’t know much about the guy taking up the role of Dagrin. His real names are Oladimeji Ganiyu and he is also a musician. As a matter of fact, he has been singing for quite a while now, and even as an album titled Dudukoko to show for it.  He is also been managed by Stingomania records, the producers of the movie and has been an old artiste with them alongside Baba Nee who has a diss track for 9ice and the one also behind the Omo Ghetto movie song.   

M.I’s New Automobile

So they say hard work pays, yes it does. Mr. Incredible who just acquired a C Class Mercedez Benz not too long ago, has once again added to his automobiles by acquiring a white Range Rover. I don’t know the year, but I know it’s a tokunbo. M.I is not the first Nigerian artiste that would be driving a tokunbo Range Rover or any car at that, most of them drives a tokunbo car. But make I no hear am outside say, that can isn’t M.I’s own, as I will soon roll out a list of artiste parading fake cars, artistes with no cars, and artistes driving least expected cars, and you my humble readers will be amazed. But for now, here’s wishing M.I all the best with his new ride.

Back In The Days

This picture is kinda r..zz, they all look unfed. But the only reason I’m posting this picture is because they have all done well for themselves in their chosen field. Check out Comedian I Go Save, musician Maleke in the middle and your favourite comedian I Go Dye back then. God sure does wonders, wow!

Tonto Dike Then And Now

Everyone has got a past (old look); some love their past, some look back and say oh, I wish I was like this then. Can anyone see a lot of difference in the then Tonto Dike when she went for her first audition as an actress in 2005, and the Tonto Dike of today? I see a lot of difference. First, she has shed a lot of weight; her skin is lighter, and in almost every aspect, the actress has stepped up. Here’s wishing people laugh this off and see it as no big deal. And the actress? Just smile and say oh, that was an old me.

Dagrin movie cover

For fans of Dagrin, at last there is now a movie about the rap icon that would soon hit the stands. With this, a lot of people won’t need to miss him that much. Though he is dead, the movie would always be a reminder of him. Thumbs up to Ope Banwo, the producer of the movie.