Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

Terry G's Birthday

Hmm, so tired, we had fun today… It was fun galore for us. It was Terry g’s day and even though he didn’t celebrate it, he had few close friends who came around and had a nice time with him. Amongst them, at least the one I like was Uti Nwachukwu of BBA. Before then, he went out in the morning to pay a visit to a motherless baby’s home, to share the special day with them. The only bad was that a lot of people were at his Iju studio to see the music act, but met his absence.
I jokingly asked him about the riff his long-time friend Ayzee yo has with him and what warranted that, ‘Ladun, you won’t believe it, we have no problems at all and someone just told me he wrote me a letter. AYzee knows my address, knows my mum’s address, if he wants to write me, he knows the postal address. Letter wey I no see, how I wan take reply am. Lwkm
And that’s Terry playing the snooker game, he had fun too, lol

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

LL BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Welcomes Baby Boy

Music act Ayoola Johnson popularly known as who got married last year as just welcomed a baby boy. The naming ceremony took place last week Saturday and both Ay and his wife, Joy are said to be full of praise to God. His names are Donald and Jeremiah amongst many. Here is saying a big congrats to the couple on the arrival of their bundle of joy.

Funny Post

E reach dis level?

My Wife And I Are Together

This is so pathetic. You all read the story about TV host Frank Edoho moving out of his matrimonial home. The story is not true and here is what Frank himself said about it;                                 
“I read about it yesterday. It is not true at all. I am a journalist myself. My marriage and private affairs are nobody’s business. What you need to know about me is just my career, my TV show and my upcoming radio venture. For now, I’m not going to tell anybody about my family life or private life,
Speaking with news magazine, a furious Frank said:
I’m just calling you back because I’m like a colleague. The only thing I can say now is that there is nothing like that. I do not know where the rumor is coming from. Nobody has any right to ask me about my family so I am not going to answer again. I am just showing you guys respect. Many people have called me and I have told them that nothing is going on. I’m still with my family and still married to my dear wife,
Talking about the impact the malicious news is having on his wife, he said; “These journalists should just leave my wife alone; she’s undergoing too much stress. People have been calling her for like two days now and it’s getting to her because she’s taking care of my children. That’s all I want you to put out there,” he concluded.

Sasha Without Makeup

Check out Rapper Sasha with little or no makeup. She still looks stunning though. Just ignore 2shotz,lol.

Blackberry Madness: Boyz Version

You guys saw the girls version not too long ago, now here are the guys.

Funny Post

Bobo drink some, may be u go dey yarn sense

2shotz Still On Bears

So 2shotz no dey listen. He once told a friend while going on a trip that he would like to shave his bears and we were all happy for him, as his name might soon return to the fresh musician fine men association, but alas 2shotz went to have a skin haircut and still didn’t shave his bears. Like I said before, keeping his bears will still make the rapper/singer loose more fans. We all loved 2shotz when he was fresh and clean with no bears. Anyone saw the video of ‘Incase you never know’ which he did with Timaya and Terry G back then?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rapper DMSquared

Here is introducing a brilliant chap with stage name as DMSquared. He is a rapper with a penchant for good music. He dropped an album not too long ago after he returned home from his former base in the United Kingdom. This guy is good.  Visit to listen to his song.

Whizkid Has Got 4 Albums..Wait A Min.

Guys check out the EME family. Fine boy banky is doing a good job. Thumbs up!    

Plus whizkid has got 4 albums, I luv the Alaba boyz,lol. Hear Banky W on this;
Please bear with us; @wizkidayo is working so hard everyday tryna finish an album that u will love. Please buy the REAL album when it drops

Monday, March 14, 2011


This Jokes funny dieee

Husband and wife agreed that anytime they want to have sex,
they will call it a 'PHONE CALL'. One day, the husband send his son to tell his mother that he wants to make a phone call and mother replies; tell your father that there is no network.
Husband: tell your mother that if there is no network @ home, then I'll go to a public phone.
Wife: tell your father that if he dare goes to a public phone then I'll open a call centre @ home.
A guy arrived a hotel in company of a lady that looks 15 years older than him.
Manager: sorry we don't allow such here.
Man: Oh she is my mum. He was given a key and 15 minutes later, the manager asked a maid to go verify if truly that lady was his mum.
Maid: Yes sir she is.
Manager: how do you know?
Maid: I saw her breastfeeding him.
Three men were drunk and they stopped a taxi.....the taxi driver figured that they were not in their right, he just switched on the engine and switched it off and told them : "we have arrived"......

The first man gave him money.....
the second one thanked him.....but the third one....he slapped the taxi driver.....

The taxi driver was stunned because he was hoping that none of them would notice that the car didn't move an, he asked the third man : "what was that for?"

the third man replied : "control your speed next almost killed us....."


Check out Julius Agwu and Rita Dominic at an event on Saturday, 12th of March. Don’t they ROCK!

It's Real

I recently asked if this poster was photoshopped or real. But alas, it is real. It’s actually the poster of a movie tittled Black Berry Babes. Unbelievable! That’s the only word I will use, meen, I don’t even want to make any statement on this, before they say I have got a big mouth again. According to Tonto Dike, it’s like hype for the movie. But someone who saw this said, young actress Annie Macaulay rocked the film, as she was the best dressed in the movie. Only God knows how much Annie spends on clothes these days and who foots the bill.


Check out actress Chika Ike in her own celeb Calander. Lovely idea, hot pics, but I think she needs to concentrate more on her acting career as that will sell her fast than this  
Pics: yeoal

Empress Njamah Steps Out With A Range Rover

According to bestofnollywood, ex actress not sure if she still acts, Empress Njamah has just acquired a Range Rover Jeep. They claim she has been spotted with the said jeep. But here in the picture, we see her pose by a Range and if this story is actually true, here is saying a big congratulations to her. And for u ladies out there, who don’t own a Range including me, I’m sorry for all of you, you better ask them how they all get it, cuz I know I won’t act to buy a range, at least not now in Naija. Ladies lets go get ours. Hope someone gets this joke, long laugh.

Frank Edoho's Marriage In Crisis

This is not in any way a good news. Frank Edoho the popular presenter of who wants to be a millionaire is said to have moved out of his matrimonial home. We hear things aren’t right between him and his wife, and that has since been his decision. Frank has been married to pretty Katherine who works for NTA for quite a while now and are both blessed with three kids. Frank is a ladies man any time, no doubt about that, but we all still want him to return home. Here is how reported it;
The marriage of Frank Edoho, the hugely popular presenter of most watched programme, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, to Katherine, his Nigeria Television Authority employee wife is once again in crisis.
Investigations conducted by revealed that the current situation has reached such a level that Mr Edoho has moved out of his matrimonial home.
He is said to have discreetly secured another apartment in Victoria Garden city while his wife hold forth at the couple’s abode in Lekki, Lagos.