Saturday, March 26, 2011

A MUST READ: EXCUSE ME: The grammar queen

This was written by Mr.Victor Ehikhamenor of NEXT newspaper. Please read this and thank me later for it.

While our first lady is out there bulldozing territories and taking no prisoners, people are busy laughing and forwarding BB, Facebook and YouTube messages of her grammatical carpet bombing to each other. Keep laughing all of you that think the Dame is grammatically lame and a better national comedian than an ambassador that can’t sing the national anthem. If you think she is too uncouth to be our next first lady, keep laughing while she undauntedly bludgeons her way to victory.
I am not a student of politics, but I doubt if extracting her special brand of rhetoric will move this iroko-woman from her current position as the First Lady of Nigeria come April. And for Nigerians who are sick and tired of PDP’s monstrosity, giggling at the Dame’s ‘broken bottle’ is not going to stop them from driving this molue called Nigeria into the Lagoon.
Moreover, having watched the recent NN24 presidential debate a.k.a. ‘The Wind That Blew Feathers off the Chicken’s Yansh’, I am sure many of you would have seen that it is not only her that has issues with the foreign language. We all saw some speak as if they were haggling goat meat at Ekpoma Market, and others chew the language as if it was a piece of hot cocoyam.
Believe me, if it were to be the Dame that was invited to a televised debate, she would not jet off to some unimportant neighbouring country to take cover and avoid a golden opportunity to push her manifesto. In fact, if it was politically expedient for her, she would have said “Jojo darling, let I go and showed them. I know the lady that are interviewing us and our opponents is once a children; I can mishandle them.” And by now, none of us would be thinking that Shekarau should go straight to Harvard and lecture Political Debates Articulation 101, if he doesn’t win the presidential election.
If I tell you I have not cringed at some of the Dame’s choice of words during public speeches, which sometimes are comparable to a man wearing a custom’s shirt on police trousers, I would be lying. But through her entire lexis and structure comedy, I have also seen a solid woman – no pun intended, please – building a formidable grass roots base and garnering supporters for her husband.
This brings me to the issue of the other women, the other presidential aspirants’ wives. Where are they in this whole political drama unfolding round their husbands? Shouldn’t they be marching and publicly campaigning like the Dame? I am very anxious to experience the Michelle Obama in the ‘refined’ breeds. I am interested in witnessing their finesse that will make the Ozigono market woman vote for their husbands, the Queen’s English that will sway the Abonima woman to cast her vote to unseat a pilfering behemoth party. Staying behind the scene and waiting for their husbands to kill the elephant before bringing out their stainless steel cutlery in state dinners is not going to move this caterpillar campaigner. Many voters are waiting to relate with the other wives, but they are hiding either behind hijabs or away in some country following their husband’s campaign via BlackBerry messenger. Or better still, laughing at the affable ‘Umblerra’ woman’s grammatical explosions.
If you don’t want to hear the Dame referring to orphans as widows in the next four years – roll up that designer skirt, drop that LV bag you are hauling around in Dubai, remove your high-heels and hit the ground running like the Grammar Queen. And while you are at it, save your ‘pepperless’ English and speak what majority of the Nigerian people will understand. And if you don’t understand me, check the statistics of Nigeria’s literacy figures and go figure. FYI, the Dame’s Sozaboy-meets-Zebrudaya kind of English is just perfect for a very large percentage of voters. Those that speak Oxford-type English are analyzing the risk of attending political rallies in their cosy offices and homes or thinking of jetting out of the country come April.
I laud our double-barrel-shot-gun-campaigner, our grammar queen, the superstar of our new curfew, the dame, the Okrika amazonian first lady – because according to her immortal words to Nigerians both home and abroad, especially those that have dual-nationality, “We should have love for our fellow Nigerians irrespective of their nationality.”
Applauding …… Yes we also want to see other aspirants wives campaigning for their husbands if they dare too.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Rukky Sanda in pant and bra! oh well...

Actress Rukky Sanda in bra and Pant. Yes please look well, can you see the pant? Well she is presently in the United States for God knows what reason, after spending several days in Dubai while are colleagues here are working out their butts on improving their careers. I’m not saying there is anything wrong in this, but posting such a picture of her shows she wants the attention of the public, since movies for now isn’t giving her the attention. Can Genevieve Nnaji ever do this? No! She is where she is today due to hard work. But trust Nigerians, in as much as they love such a picture, they will still tell you how it ought to be. Shikena!

Koko Mansion Chidinma dies

Seems the entertainment industry and Nigeria has a whole need prayers. We need God’s intervention, things aren’t right, not at all, especially with the youths. In the last one year, I don’t think we can count how many deaths of music acts, comedians, actors and actresses. It is just getting too much, not too talk of several youths who are not in the entertainment world that also died.  Yesterday, a lot of people especially in the entertainment industry and fans were mourning the death of comedian CD John, not knowing another rising star; Chidinma Mbalaso was also going to be involved in another autocrash and wouldn’t make it. Chidinma came to limelight through D’banj’s reality show, Koko Mansion and has since said she will grow to become and actress and even change the face of the entertainment industry. But death cut her short of this. She was only 22yrs old when she passed on this morning after she was involved in a car crash on the Kaduna-Abuja road yesterday, March 24th 2011 and died due to lack of a blood donor.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Secondary School Girls

I don die finish. These are secondary school girls. This isn’t photo shopped, they actually unbutton their shirts an even smiling along? My God! This is getting serious; please girls, that’s not an asset. Your brains should be your assets, hope some young kids are reading this, thank you.

Kel's new look

Rapper Kel spotted with a friend. And this is how she currently looks like with her new hair cut.

Gone too soon

I just came across this and feel like posting it. Some fans just quickly did this, this morning. Wow…RIP man…

Goldie without weave

Omg, Goldie won’t stop amazing us. Ok, at least she took the courage to tweet this picture of herself.  Still looking fine, but got the look of a typical Nigerian girl.


Funke Akindele and Uche Jombo spotted on a movie location this morning, after Funke Akindele reportedly cried her eyes out over CD John’s death.

Comedian CD John Dies In Autocrash

Rising Comedian CD John who is known for his famous Christian jokes has passed away this morning. According to reports, the comedian was returning from an event last night before running into a stationary vechile. CD John who was the driver of the car was badly injured and was rushed to St. Nicholas hospital where he passed away this morning. No other occupant of the car died, but only sustained injuries. His mother has been said to be on her way alongside some of his colleagues to the hospital to sign his death certificate. How sad. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace, AMEN.

Singer Goldie: Growing Up

Oh my God this is so crazy and am RAMBOH [ramming my butts out here], lol. Oh it’s been in the blood for singer Goldie Harvey. Check her out in pictures while she grew...

                                               Baby Goldie
While in SSS… wow… She's alwz been a nigga 
                    And now, one of naija’s finnest female mcee's
Pics tnx to tariere

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We Like!

2face, Banky W and 2shortz at the USAid Press conference at Nicon Luxury hotel, Abuja this morning.


Check dis out...Naija police breaking all the rules. No helmet and even shacking alcohol publicly. oh well...*nods head* Someone should tell me this was just for fun though... but still not in that uniform

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Encomium Black And White Ball

I was not at the party cuz I never intended too, lol and really don’t know why though. But ynaija was there, so what do I say, thanks for the pics, lol. Even if I go nko, na me go snap? Biko let’s see some flops that we noticed, lol.
She is a hip hop act. Her name is Eazy lizzy, guys can u believe this? See dressing o, obviously she looks like one of those girls that dances for Obesere, and it’s party time, they need to change for their owambe party. Check out how she has got a permanent tattoo via her bra lines. Didn’t anyone see her before leaving home? Taste!
This might not be so good, but I tell you, this is the best outfit I have seen Essence on. Looks good though, thank goodness. Even her facebook video didn’t rock it.
She is one of those IBAN chicks. Those girls that came on our tv singing like no Nigerian girl could sing, plus their colour riot outfits, now you remember her. She really looks old here, I guess the next thing is marriage jor.
Sasha looks fab, always killing it. Thanks girl
Rihanna plus Empress, oh well… what happened to her tummy? Hmm reasons Timaya left her, someone just said, not me, but at least she as a Range Rover to herself now, hmm, enough said. Next!
It seems Helen Paul is pregnant, oh well, what comes with marriage. She looks really big here. It’s a good thing dearie.
For how long can you hide behind your age, not so long, cuz it slowly shows up. Check out Kenny’s face. She still looks good though.
Goldie, you ought to have let that hair down babe, u would have looked out of this world. Lovely..

D'Banj Is A Betrayal...Toyosi Akerele

Oh well, this is really serious. Toyosi  Akerele, the publisher of RISE magazine, a youth magazine has come out to condemn the interview D’banj had with the President. And I think she really spoke her mind on this.
We the people form the Nation, not Dbanj nor GEJ! DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR ANGER and LET DBANJ KNOW HE BETRAYED OUR GENERATION, though he’ll called it Business!
Tufiakwa! In a civilised Environment where the citizenry can draw a line between activism and action, where they are truly frustrated with consistent Vision-less and oppressive Leadership, where they are not making excuses for the worst of the pack just on the basis of sentiment, where the Youth, the bedrock of the nation cannot be taken on a wild goose chase and be flagrantly insulted by an over-ambitious young Man whose only obsession is to sing about his Sexuality with meaningless Cacophonic Sounds (Dbanj), people will revolt! What does that Boy know about Education, Employment, Exploitation.
I imagine Usher interviewing Obama in America where 25year Old Mark Zukerberg created Facebook?
Let them spend their N200m on the Concerts but LET NIGERIAN YOUTH ENSURE THEIR VENUES are empty so Dbanj can perform for only P-Square and Naeto C! Let Dbanj release a new album and let’s leave it to waste in Alaba!
Imagine if we don’t buy his CDs for the next one Year! Are we not the ones that made him a Star before GEJ noticed him! Odo to ba gbagbe Orisun e, aa gbe! Awon eeyan lasan ikeji aja! Won wo won ni awosunkun, awon n wo ara won ni aworerin!
CRAP!!!! Ojulowo Ijoba la n fe ke, awa o fe iranu! And YOU shld forward this ASAP!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wright's Photoshoot

Actress Bukky Wright just posted few pictures from her latest photoshoot on her facebook page for her fans to see and has been receiving positive response. I think she really looks hot in the pictures considering her age.