Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nnena Omali, stages a comeback

Nnena Omali, the name might not ring a bell, but Rapper Modenine’s cry that won several awards few years back sure does. Remember the lady with the magic voice crying in the video? Yeah, that’s her, Nnena. One would have thought she would kick start her music career back then and now rubbing shoulders with the likes of Lara George, but no she disappeared. She is trying to stage a comeback, and hoping this works out fine for her. We can’t wait to hear that magical voice again. Here is wishing her luck in this. You can goggle her for links to her song and follow her twitter account- nnenaomali.

Nigerian Idol finalist, Zoe out with own song

Zoe is one of the top 6 finalists at the just concluded Nigerian Idol. Beautiful and determined to take her music career beyond Nigerian Idol, Zoe is one hard working musician that will fast become a force to reckon with. She is into Afro-centric RNB and inspirational Genre.
She loves to be a good will ambassador and musically educate and share her positive thoughts, not forgetting her passion to entertain people. You can also follow her on twitter - @promizoe. To get links to her songs, you can go to link and youtube