Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Munachi Abi gets engagement ring from lover + range rover owner blasts Uche Jombo, ‘bloody liar, you were drunk’

REVEALED: Terry g is a prayer warrior!

Contrary to the personality that the general public knows about music producer, Terry G, the weird looking talent does not joke with his creator at all. ‘He may truly be mad when we talk of music production and singing, but when it comes to serving God, he is one guy that doesn’t joke with that’ says a gossip. It will surprise most of his teeming fans that Terry G is a devoted Christian and hardly misses Sunday services .Recently, the lens of our camera, caught Terry G praying at a church somewhere around Fagba, in Lagos. Other top producers who hold a post in their various churches includes ID Cabasa and K-Solo.  

False Blackberry Phones flood Abuja

Phone hawkers are having field day fleecing the unsuspecting public of their hard earned cash in the city of Abuja. They initially started with wrist watches and soon as that wasn’t paying off anymore they graduated to phones. These hawkers are noticeable along Kubwa expressway and they usually carry out this trade in traffic. For example, the latest blackberry phone goes for as low as N25,000, not knowing it’s an imitation. Unfortunately, once customers buy one these phones, and put it into use, it starts malfunctioning almost immediately. Most of these phones can’t browse not to talk of ping, but their victims only discover that after coughing out some money.


Yeah I know I have screwed up, I know I messed up, left for too long. Not my fault, I had to do things that got me away from the internet. For everyone that came here for new updates and met none, I’m sorry. Thanks for always coming to read.

Father ‘U’ Turn stages comeback

A lot might not have been heard about him in a very long while, but Father ‘U’ Turn is sure fine and sound according to a source. He was recently spotted at a function where he rendered his new single and people couldn’t but give kudos to him as he remains hot as ever. A lot of his fans who couldn’t wait for him to perform his hit single Yetunde kept chanting at him until he gave them the dose of their one time favourite song.  According to the source, the singer would soon be hitting the studio to drop an album.