Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Meet your 2nd drama queen after Halima Abubakar

Semi-nude pics for Annie Macaulay seem to be the next in-thing, as we can’t count how many of such pics we have seen recently.

Exclusive to LLBLOG: Fuji act Obesere detained over N3million debt

Paramount king of Fuji, Abass Akande Obesere is at present not a happy man. The lewd musician is exploring legitimate means to free himself from what he tagged ‘harassment’ by men of the Nigerian police force. Gathered that Omorapala as Obesere is otherwise known, sometimes back obtained a N3million loan from Cedar Microfinance Bank Limited and refused to honour the terms of repayment. Sources say the bank wrote to the Fuji musician sometimes in October 2010 but he never paid back the loan. In the event of the former, the bank was said to have petitioned the Nigerian Police who went into action and detained the musician. He was however released on bail after the undertaking that he will repay the said loan. Hoping friends and fans will rescue him out of this.

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