Saturday, August 6, 2011

Model Sarah Ofili spotted with boyfriend Rapper, Ikechukwu

Romantic Sarah Ofili tweets: Having dinner with my man, happy to be bk home baby, Love u hubby. Now let's go home!!! *how spicey,lol*

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Actor Desmond Elliot at a zoo with son, Denzel

Toni Payne might be back to 9ice, as daddy kisses son, Zion

There seem to be a big twist in all the drama going on in the life of 9ice and his estrange wife Toni Payne. Words have it that weeks back, Toni visited 9ice’s Abule Egba home and so forth…we all know the story. But the only thing that is not clear about the story is this? Is Toni really back to 9ice? Have they made up? 9ice is also back to his Twitter and Facebook accounts after closing them, when Toni decided to use the mediums to get at him. He was spotted just last week, giving his son a ‘heavenly’ kiss. The person who brought my knowledge to this picture, insists it is Zion, the estrange couple’s son. Though the pic to me looks like that of a girl, but he insists its Zion. Hmm, without any doubts, the estrange couple are gradually getting back, and we must say we love this. N.B we aren’t shocked that Zion’s hairdo rocks! It’s just a reflection of his mum. Nice one!

Fantastic: Whizkid covers Ladybrille Magazine

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Singer Keffi in another pose

Happy 30th birthday Osaze

Yaay, we are so excited about this. No big deal really, but we just don’t get to hear about footballer’s birthday dates. Footballer Osaze clocked 30 recently and he got lots of gitfs from close friends and fans. The footballer, who was happy about him clocking 30, was full of thanks and gratitude to God. Here is also wishing him a happy belated birthday…and hoping we get our share of the cake when he is in town. Cc collinudoh..LOL

Spotted: Waje and Tiwa savage looking really hot!

Annie Macaulay still in love with Tuface

While Tuface is in the US cooking for his white friend, Kelly, his 3rd babymama, fast rising actress Annie Macaulay has got this to say, tweeting a picture of herself and her baby daddy;
My broda from anoda mother.....don't we look like we born frm d same mum n dad?..I love thz pic oooO
Hoping Tuface will get to see this tweet soon and return home, has someone is missing him and openly declaring her love. Wasn’t I right when I earlier advised Tubaba to return home to his black queens if at all he needs to cook? Lol

Meet Nollywood best friends: Rukky Sanda and Tonto Dike

They do all the imaginable and unimaginable things together. They have been friends for some years now and I think they both rock. Can’t wait for one of them who keep saying negative stuffs about this blog on twitter to start again, lol. When I stopped talking about her, the whole blogville stopped. But I think it’s not fair talking about other celebs and ignoring her. So I would start again. Hoping she has realized this is not just a blog, but another way of ‘life’ *I Blush* LOL

Tuface cooks for white girl in US

Tuface is currently in the US and he didn’t only attend his son’s birthday party, but also supported Akon on his African project plus the main interest, he was caught in the kitchen cooking. Here’s what one white girl simply known as Kelly said;
Tuface Idibia cooking me some jollof spaghetti.
Yes that is good, but we must let tubaba know that, we can stick babies from Sunmbo, Pero and Annie, we can’t stick from whities o. If you need to cook food, come back home to your black girls and do that. LOL

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