Saturday, October 1, 2011

Meet Nigerian Model who has Got Nikki Minaj’s ASS

Her name is Tracy Obonna, a Nigerian who lives in USA and also a model. You will agree with me the chic is truly ‘endowed’. Lol. She will definitely give Nikki a run for her money. Lol

Happy Independence Nigeria

Yaaay…One of the most popular attractions and tallest building in New York was bathed in green light for the celebration of Nigeria Independence at 51. The 102-story New York City landmark skyscraper known as the "empire state building" was the tallest building in the world for 40 years.
Here is wishing our beloved country a Happy Independence Day. We clocked 51 today and we give God all the glory.

Photo of the day: Olu Jacobs and Wife Renewing Marital Vows

I will like to be like them when I grow up, lol

Friday, September 30, 2011

Terry G’s Younger Brother, Upcoming Music Act, D Money Shows off Gf’s Boobs

Spotlight: Member of House of Ginger
I’m sure he just betrayed the trust of this girl. They might have been playing together in a room and he says, ‘Could you write my name on your boobs’, just for fun and he takes pics, still for fun. Lol
In another view,
The girl so in love with him, she says, ‘Check out my chest D Money’, and he takes pics. Of course, trusting him the pic will never leak one day.
So he made it his DP on BB this morning, Lol. *things that happens at night* Lol
Don’t even look further, you can’t find the pic here. Lol
 Click read more to see PIC

Photo of the Day: Actress Funke Akindele

Funke Akindele in a new photo shoot

Ex Sound city VJ, Deji Falope Cancels October Wedding

…How Fiancée Desperately Wants Him + Dupes Him Thousands of Naira and properties
Spotlight: VJ
Indeed it is a long story, but if you are in a relationship you need to read this, as their might be one or two traces of this in your relationship. And let me tell you this, not only ladies are into this now, we have men doing this. It just happened to a friend of mine. Imagine a guy using every means of extorting her? Even going as far as saying he is an orphan and his business collapsed shortly before they met. And so needs her financial help to start up, as they will both be a beneficiary to this in the nearest future. She gave in, until she lost almost all her money to him, and what did the guy do? He absconded. Money isn’t love. Tell him or her you don’t have it, let’s do this without money, simple.
Here’s how is reporting the exclusive love story and break up of Deji Falope’s love life. Click to read.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who Wishes Goldie Evil?

Spotlight: Singer
This is definitely the height of this madness. Forgive me if I’m angry, why should anyone have this as her status? Not fair at all. We should learn to appreciate ourselves. ‘God Give Back Amy and Take Goldie’? Excuse me?
Here’s what Goldie tweeted about it: See the evil sum1 wishes me... Wow! Even if its a joke, its not funny. Human beings sha!
May that not be her portion, Amen?

Waje Has a Daughter You Don’t Know

That’s the lil girl behind her

Spotlight: Singer
This might probably be one of the most kept secrets of singer Waje. According to a source, she is a mother of a young girl. The singer had her at a tender age while her family helped in taking care of the baby. The girl who is growing fast is believed to have similar features like her mum. The identity of the man who put the singer in a family way is still shrouded in mystery. The girl lives with Waje in her Lagos based home and she is said to be solely responsible for her child’s upkeep.

Modupe Ozolua Puts Spa Up For Sale

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Actress Chika Ike Opens Fancy Nancy Store in Abuja

Actress Chika Ike Opens Fancy Nancy Store in Abuja
Aftermath of separation from husband, actress Chika Ike opens Abuja store.
I hear a senator in Abuja opened the store for her. I don’t intend to expatiate on that, since we can’t confirm for now.  Click to see more photos.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Things Fall Apart: Ope Banwo, Dudukoko, Baba Nee @ War

ope banwo
Brief Intro: Ope Banwo owns Stingomania Records which also produced the Dagrin movie. Trybson and Baba Nee are signed under this record label. However things have gone sour amongst these three, with the two artistes wanting to quit the Record Label. Stingomania Records Chief has however ordered all radio and television stations to quit playing Trybson and Baba Nee’s songs. Trybson however took to his facebook page, accusing Stingomania of bad management and revealing his ‘bed mate’ as claimed by him. With one Frank Nero also accusing Stingomania.
Please sit back, relax and savour this contradicting, yet revealing story. Click to read

Photo of the Day: Sarah Ofili, Adaeze Yobo and Munachi Abi

There is something fantastic about this picture I just like. Adaeze lives in Turkey, Sarah in London, while Muna lives in Nigeria and they still find time to roll together. So cool!
We know Adaeze’s husband to be Joseph Yobo, Sarah is dating rapper Ikechukwu, who is Muna dating? I think this is a part of her we need to know.

Celebrity Quote: Timaya

His undiluted words: 
SO many beautiful women in d world, but i just want one. D one dat makes me happy. Cause even if u sleep wit ten women everyday u cant filup.
Does anyone understand this guy? I really don’t.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Photo of the Day: Genevieve, Uche Jombo and Rukky Sanda at a Function

                                                                 Who’s the hottest?