Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nike Oshinowo Soleye celebrated as style icon. Officially launches fragrance

Ex-beauty queen and entrepreneur Nike Oshinowo Soleye celebrated the season with children of the Little Saint’s Orphanage which was put together by management of Mega Plaza in celebration of Nike as a style icon.
I also heard she officially launched her debut fragrance which was introduced in the market in May.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Exclusive: Jaywon hospitalized as Edris Abdulkareem beats him up

As you read this, gbon gbon gbon crooner, Jaywon was beaten up by his label mate, though senior, Edris Abdulkareem yesterday at satellite town carnival. Though no one could actually tell what brought about the fight, but a lot of people who knows both parties say Edris has been beefing Jaywon because of his fast success. He alongside his thugs beat up the young singer (jaywon), and since he couldn’t over power them, he was seriously injured. I hear he is presently hospitalized.
Na wa o. what will baba keke now say about this?

Eucharia Anunobi is officially ordained

Actress Eucharia Anunobi has been ordained as an evangelist as you read this. The lady wrote this on her Facebook page with so much excitement;
We are so much happy for her. And we pray the anointing remains permanent.

Naeto C had his secret introduction today

Wow Naeto C is finally taken. He had his introduction today with his long-time girlfriend Nicole Chukwueke. Now that’s 10/10. Congrats to them as we await the big one.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

MORNING DIGEST: Ksolo and wife

Newly married music producer and singer, Ksolo was spotted with his wife at a pool-side where they went to have fun. Click to see another pic of his wife. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kaffy gives birth to baby boy

Dancer, singer and chorographer, Kaffy has put to bed a bouncing baby boy. The dancer who rocked her pregnancy to most events is full of praises and thanks to God. We are so happy for her, and thanking God for making everything comfortable for her, especially during child birth.

Samklef weds his pregnant girlfriend, Yvonne

Yvonne his bride is an undergraduate of Unilag and the story of Samklef impregnating her broke out not too long ago, but some people termed it a lie.
Please always believe every story. I trust my reader’s sha no dulling, lol.

Iris medical foundation ceo, Paul Ojeih is dead

Popular alternative medicine practitioner, Dr. Paul Olisa Ojeih, the Chief Executive Officer of IRIS Medical Foundation is dead.
The alternative medicine practitioner died last night of cardiac arrest after a protracted battle with kidney and liver ailment. He was said to have been placed on oxygen for about 48 hours before he eventually passed on. He was known for his claims of curing HIV/AIDS and also anchored a television programme that treated alternative health issues.
May his soul rest in peace, Amen.

Cross River to sue US rapper

The Cross River State Government has hired lawyers in the United States to sue rapper, Rick Ross, for breach of contract. The government stated this in a BlackBerry Messenger broadcast on Wednesday morning. Ross was expected to perform today at the Calabar Festival but failed to turn up for unknown reasons.
The BBM broadcast reads, "‎​Please be informed that Rick Ross has cancelled his performance at Calabar Festival after accepting full performance fee.
"The rapper, Rick Ross, has issued a statement cancelling his performance at the Calabar Festival, scheduled for December 28, 2011, for reasons not related to his recent surgery and seizures.  "The performer’s cancellation is unexpected and the reasons are unknown to Cross River State since he has confirmed receipt of his entire performance fee many weeks ago.
"Currently, Cross River State and its agents have retained counsel in the United States to pursue their legal and monetary remedies against the artist."

But who is AKOGUN with the special plate number?

This message was forwarded to a blogger on BB. And i think it’s worth blogging. All I will say is this, may the Lord guide us and protect us from these so called ‘olowos’. More so, the other party involved too get bar now. Read the story and check out the bullying, the cheat and the level of lawlessness one can take into his hands in this country… What an Akogun.
Here goes...
Please I need your help and assistance! On Friday night, my driver was returning home with the children after celebrating a birthday dinner out. A hurried Red|Burgundy Hummer Jeep with private Abuja Registration- AKOGUN hit my car from behind. He tricked my driver to drive to Mobil on the expressway by Lagos|Ibadan toll gate for them to chat. The Hummer driver drove off and my driver chased them. When he managed to block them, this Akogun man brought out a spray substance and sprayed both my driver and the 3 children in the vehicle temporarily blinding them and leaving them disorientated. The man's wife was present in the Hummer in addition to a personal assistant and their driver. Please I need to know the identity of this maniac or the movement of this Hummer Jeep. Any help to broadcast this anomaly will be greatly appreciated. Apparently he also said he had a gun and threatened to shoot the driver knowing full well there were small children in the car, the youngest being 7yrs old. Please call 08052354377 if you have any information. Jide and Suzzane Oduyoye.

EXPLOSIVE: Lady attends D’banj's show and gets t*t pictured

Oh well. A lady who was so crazy to get a picture of D’banj went over the barricade and almost beat the securities to get to D’banj before she was bundled back. The lady, who wore no nickers, got her tit on camera by some photographers.
But how could you jump a barricade when you know you have no nickers on. A pic of her before and after when you continue.

Sikiratu Sindodo spotted grooving

That actress Sikiratu Sindodo is back to her feet is no longer news, but that she is back on the social scene is indeed news. A lot of people would have thought the actress on getting back to her feet would reduce her social outings, but that is far from the truth. An eyewitness who spotted the actress yesterday night said she was back to her old ways. She was spotted at a bar in the midst of some men with a fast rising actress. ‘The manner and way the actress kept ordering for bottles of wine left a lot of other guests who also came to have fun in shock. She gulped three bottles of wine, finished a big bowl of cat fish pepper soup and also consumed Suya worth N2,000 naira immediately after the fish’, the eye witness concludes. Her actress friend who was also in her company did the exact he also said. The most shocking part of it all was that, on their way out of the fun spot, they ordered more bottles of wine displaying it like a gift from a party as they headed towards their car. A lot of people who witnessed this concluded indeed the actress as learnt practically nothing from her sickness and back to keeping the company of men, with some saying Yoruba actresses are all the same and nothing changes.
All I know is, we have LADIES and we also have ladies.

Monday, December 26, 2011

A tight bond between Annie Macaulay & Sunmbo Ajaba

It is a case of iyale ti yawo
Wow so Annie is such a good aunt or step mum as you choose to call her. The pretty lady got her ‘iyale’ Sunmbo Ajaba’s kids, Nino and Zii a shoe each for xmas. And the boys have been rocking their shoes a source said. How nice. Hmm, Tuface don hear am. That these two won’t get close, it is a lie. It is simply a case of Iyale and Iyawo, lobatan! Case closed!

Ramsey Noah and Matilda Obaseki Cover Complete Fashion

                                                                    Ramsey is back, lol

Kelly Hansome involved in ghastly auto crash

In the midst of celebrations, Kelly Hansome informed his fans on twitter about how he was involved in a ghastly auto crash, but the Lord saved his life. He kept tweeting pics of the damaged car and one of him at a hospital with a nurse attending to him.
Between, some people are of the opinion that the story from the singer is not true, as the car was badly damaged beyond repair leaving him with almost no wound. They say the pictures do not look like an accident scene and might just be another stunt to keep him relevant in the industry.

Thank God for saving the life of this young man o jare. Pics of the car when you continue.