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9ICE: talent, style and bad press

This was put together by Ayokunle Odekunle, a Graduate of Law and a Student of the Nigerian Law School. And I totally agree with him. Ayo could be reached on
Taking a cursory look down memory lane, great men are touted to be great not because of the talent which they exhibit alone but because they make grave mistakes and even after being written off would always manage to rise above water and shut their critics up.
Abolore Akande a.k.a 9ice means a lot to different people. To many, he is a very talented songwriter, lyricist and singer who is also very down earth. To another set, he is talented but they have a problem with him because he doesn’t ‘flow’ with the time. The fact that he has refused to join the bandwagon of musicians who go into the studio to spew rubbish and sing about booze, sex and women and who try to imitate the ‘Western style’ of talking, singing and dressing has also gotten him into hot water with some others.
After the release of his 3rd album Tradition, he had a marital problem and so the cracks began for him. The album itself was not bad as it is very rich in lyrical content and definitely one for the matured minds but still mad media conspired to ‘kill’ the album. As a result of his problems with his wife, he lost so many fans who were unimpressed by spats between himself and his wife on Twitter. Then came the beef with rapper Ruggedman. All these led to a fall in his stock and here, the media saw the chance to finish him off.
Perusing through blogs then, I was always disappointed with many popular bloggers who came up with stories that they couldn’t substantiate; all in a bid to diminish his worth in the view of right thinking people. One popular blog accused 9ice of fighting physically in public but yet, this blogger couldn’t produce a single shred of evidence nor did he satisfy the doctrine of Audi Altarem Patem (hear the other side). A radio station in Ibadan claimed that 9ice was postponing the release of his double albums because he was broke.

The worst was one I saw on; a certain guy called ‘Monk’ in his column which was published in November 2010. In the article, he claimed that 9ice was finished and should hang up his microphone. The writer displayed his ignorance and emotions when he claimed that 9ice had released a double album after Tradition and that they flopped (That was in 2010). I was miffed when I saw this and I had to ask friends if 9ice’s double album was out but no one had seen it. Ironically, the albums were just released a whole year after writing that maliciously intended write-up.
2011 was hell to fans of 9ice as the media had written him off. On December 7 2011, while I was in class awaiting my Civil Litigation lecturer for the day’s lecture, I saw on Twitter that the double albums – Bashorun Gaa and Versus were out and my heart skipped. I was unsure if the albums would make sense; not after the Nigerian media had almost turned me against him. However, the reviews I saw on Twitter were massive as people were rating the album an average of 4 stars over 5. I couldn’t wait for class to end as I bolted to Obalende and then every vendor told me that the albums had sold out.
After the massive entry of the albums into the market, one would expect the Nigerian Press to ‘hype’ them in their little way but many of them refused to even acknowledge the release of his albums. The conspiracy continued.
Many of the websites are still trying to downplay the success of the albums. On the January 6, a story emanated from or something where it was written that 9ice moved out of his House into Ogba and did that to severe contact with his associates. The unknown writer went ahead to state that 9ice was not A LIST and that Davido and Wizkid were better. That story, titled ‘9ice moves out of Ogba home, plans Solo Concert’ caused some uproar on Twitter and some notable websites circulated the story and spread the false assumptions.
To the issue of who is A list and who isn’t, the doctrine of Res Ipsa Loquitor applies. 9ice is up there with the Crème-de-la-crème of the music industry. His albums have gone platinum and he has won major National and International awards. Comparing him to Davido is worse as Davido has no album to date and I have never even heard his song.
I am sure his music and the success of his albums is an answer to his critics. He sure doesn’t have to reply them. Whatever is incessantly attacked must surely be so good. However, I am still expecting or that ‘Monk’ of a guy to either affirm or deny that story published in November 2010. Meanwhile, affirming it would be a volte-face on their part while denying it would ensure that their credibility is at its lowest ebb.
All I am saying is that the Nigerian Press should not sacrifice sensationalism for credibility. Learn to say things the way they are and not the way you want them to be


  1. I feel sorry for 9ice. Only if people look beyond and see the talent

  2. 360nobs smells and noble igwe stinks

  3. this guy is a one hit wonder saddled with the mediocrity of illiteracy.
    He needs to go and learn humility from Innocent Idibia. A lad who is ten times more talented yet finds a way to get along with all and sundry.
    Even keke and D1 that he left he still treats them with civility.Even his Plantation boyz folks, he still treats with respect.
    Meanwhile 9ice has quarrelled with everyone;Rugged, ID cabasa, Ajasa etc.
    can't even execute a divorce in a decent manner. every thing about him is tacky.
    he can deceive a few folks with his tales of platinum selling albums (whatever that means in Naija) but the truth is that he had the world to conquer but messed up. After all no be only am dey smoke weed nor is he the only one with baby mama.

  4. @second and last commenters take it easy ooo lol

  5. This writer is a desperate fan trying to salvage what he can of 9ice's career. U do well u hear, thank u. However, we are not convinced and you and 9ice should get an exceptional PR person dt'll turn his career around. the write-up is unproffessionally written anyway. I wld never declare anyone's career as over, but I know dt right now, as at today, 9ice is definitely not an A-list artist. I didn't buy his double album, neither do I care if it does well or not. I still have the 'gongonaso' somewhere, I'll go listen to that when I feel a lil bad for him.

  6. Expecting Monk to answer ur glory seeking article will take u ages cos he wont help u to achieve that cheap recognition that u desire and 360nobs will not even help ur issue cos they got better issue on their hand than ur attention seeking article....Pls try to learn the act of PR very well before embarking on this kind of frivolous writing.

  7. I have been following this "9ice" story from its onset (still following) and my prayer for him is that he gets good advisers around him because I have been in a similar situation. 9ice should let his ego aside and go back to his wife, woman are spiritual beings and a woman whose star worked for you in progress when you lay with her should not be left in the manner 9ice left his wife (my opinion is that he was very callous in the way he severed the relationship) because that same star can work against you if it is offended.
    I experienced the same thing with my then girlfriend (now wife). We started dating in 2002 and that same year I got a new job, new car and was making money, that new cash came with women, even my friends that did not notice me before started flirting so it got to my head and I cheated several times, I did not care because I was enjoying my life and I never suspected that maybe its my womans star that helped my progress. In 2004 she got fed up and left me, I let her go because there were many more to choose from, I was in for a shocker and lets just say everything went bad from there. I lost my job, lucky for me i paid 5 years house rent or I would have been homeless, and the woman dissapeared.
    between 2004 and 2009 life was hell until I ran into Shikemi again late 2009 and we started dating all over again. We got married mid 2010 and everything has come back to normal, I got a contract job that gave me enough money to kick start my business and we are very comfortable, we are currently building our first house and I never cheat on my wife.
    Maybe I am wrong but I feel 9ice and I have a similar story because from what I knew he rose to success after he met his wife. I put my pride aside and begged my wife and I have never regretted it since. I hope a lot of men will learn from his story and maybe mine. My wife means everything to me and I do not joke with her happiness. Aunty Ladun, nice blog. I will be a regular visitor hencefort

  8. True comments...but this last one, is toni payne here? may be...may be not? umm

  9. toni payne aka oladapo,,go sleep..

  10. Anon 07 January, 2012 11:50 , God bless you a million times #beta pesin.

    My own comments: Oga writer, i really do disagree with your views on 9ice and with evidence too. how many friendly and very down to earth people fight and quarrel with people d way he does; he has quarreled with almost every single person we knew with him back when he just started (ID Cabasa, Toni, Rugged, Jahbless etc).
    As for him not joining the 'bandwagon', who sang appetizer (which is explicit as it gets), who popularised gbomisimojo?
    As for talent, the 'great' thing he did was sing in Yoruba in a way that was fresh and refreshing at the time (and I am willing to bet my bottom naira that it is because he finds the English Language more than a lil problematic, deny it if you can).

    And if you (the writer) are honest in any way, you would have seen that the thenet was more than a little fair to him, infact they were downright nice and honest (his album was even given a good rating). his album sold platinum and the new albums sold out? ***hehehehehe**** so y r u here complaining bitterly?

    My advice is that 9ice should go and sit his silly ass down:
    learn to speak better,
    be more media and people friendly,
    do not take himself wayyyy too seriously
    do not take his friends for granted (now he has fallen and there is no one who really loves him to help except this frankly funny fan who thinks the rest of the world has amnesia) and finally
    clean up (get rid of that horrid hairstyle and wear clothes that flatter his physique). Chikena!

  11. @ OLADAPO pls do not be perturbed with all these Anon here it is their usual way of commenting without using their heads some have just air inside and live in la la land where it is all prime and proper in their dreams , so why worry yourself , that it worked for you does not mean it would with 9ice i would say he should reconcile with wifey ----- but as an alagbe he is not ready to see reasons , not a fan though as i see him very immature .

  12. @Fatimah, true talk, wasn't he the one that sang baba dawun or something (can't really recollect the title of the track) that was in praise of hemp and hemp smokers. abegi, leave matter for Matthias.

    lol @ the frankly funny fan part. u yab the guy no b small sha.

  13. Oladapo, i don't believe in that "star" thing. I believe more in destiny. You were destined to marry your wife and God blessed both of you. What you lost when she left was because God wanted you to experience certain things to bring you back to the ground. That's just my opinion.

    Anon 07 January, 2012 11:50; i like your points

    Fatimah; i like your points too.

    Inferiority complex rears its head in different ways. This is what also happens when you get too much too soon.

  14. Tchiiiieeeew utter rubbish

  15. Kemiismyrealname09 January, 2012 00:32

    Another Kemi again??????

  16. De guy is enjoying his success n u are here dropping bad belle comment bt for ur information he got tracks for all ur stupid comment n we are enjoying it as well. Get a life n making moni den u will understand his person. Haters only hate the things that they can't get and the people they can't be. Simple

  17. Lex, what manner of man does that make him if people have to be rich to understand him? are his parents rich? is he richer than ID Cabasa. If he is enjoying his success so much, y did ayokunle take d pains to write us dis letter on his behalf nd y r u even bothering with us his so-called haters?

    All you his blind fans r his major problem in life.

  18. @Fatimah, take a chill pill. I guess you dont even know 9ice or TP, the facts: go on twitter and see the huge response to BGV album; ask those who know what his present relationship is with TP, ID Cabasa, Lord of Ajasa & the rest of the Coded tunes crew; if he was that bad why did he remove the diss track against Ruggedy from his last album(s); like everyone of us we all have our personal weaknesses; his albums tradition & BGV are much better than the Gongo Aso album, but because of bad press we were all made to believe that they were flops. My advise to you do not comment on what you know liitle about. He made singing in yoruba popular and like you claim how many contemporay 9ja artist can actually sing very well in English. Do your research very well next time. peace

  19. Fati,I will never buy a cd if after 3yrs can’t pick it up n play it over n over again. Every moni spent on 9ice’s cds including BGS is a worthy investment and i careless abt his personal life as he is not the only act with such even great Baba Fela kuti n we all do as well so it's abt been rich or poor bt understand pains of marriage n running a home.As a matter of fact he said it in the lyrics of Gongo aso dat made him so b4 dropping any comment abt him, u shld take time to listen to it again . I bless God for the talent giving to him. Remain bless

  20. 9ice's fans **shakes head** the way u guys r jumping from one mute point to another is amazing (and I am sure 9ice is proud of u guys.). First ayo wrote an article filled with a lot of untruths which I rightly disproved (in my first comment which none of you has tried to deny because it is the gospel truth), then lex made the funny statement about pple needing to be rich in order to understand 9ice and I asked what manner of man that makes him, u guys couldn't answer and like spiderman u r onto another web.

    Anon 09 January, 2012 07:29, pls keep ur advise about commenting on what one is not knowledegable enough about to urself cuz it really does apply to you here. Now let me educate you...

    Like you rightly pointed, i know neither 9ice or tp, as for the facts i like everybody else will go by what was presented to us by the feuding couple. i do not care personally for either of them but for u to refuse to clear ur friend's name in public (on a controversy that u created) even after admitting to him in private that he was not the person u were referring to is plain wrong.

    I can't say of his present relationship with his erstwhile friends either but if they r truly back together, good for him, he is finally listening to the voice of reason and not to his army of blind followers/sycophants who find it hard to tell him the truth.

    As for him removing d diss track, he BACKED DOWN in order to resurrect his ailing career afterall he started d whole beef thing, took it to another level by bringing in an obscure upcoming artiste to diss rugged on his birthday and when rugged did the same(by releasing two hit diss tracks), he couldn't handle it. awodi foloke is a classic and the beef goes on is a hit anyday. in case u didn't know or can't remember, 9ice actually postponed the release of bsg because of the awodi track (deny it).

    And lastly, he didn't popularise d use of yoruba in songs, before him there was SSP, Pasuma, Obesere, Ayuba, K1 etc and even in hiphop, yoruba lang was used extensively by artistes like remedies, azadus, plantashun bois, ajasa etc. I am pretty sure u remember sakomo, omode meta and d rest. what he did is exactly what i wrote before; he came out, he was fresh and his sound was refreshing.

    Haven said all these, i do not see anything wrong in my first comment. if u see, kindly point it out and stop muddling up and skirting around the whole issue.

  21. @Fatima, pardon me: KSA, Late Barry Wonder,SSP, Paso & co are traditional yoruba artistes who sang mainly in Yoruba. And agreed, some contemporary 9ja artistes did sing in yoruba before 9ice but he made it a venture worthwhile in contemporary times! And 9ice did not start the beef, the track was a response to the leaked phone conversation by Ruggedman. So Hadja Fatimah, once again take a chill pill. You don't need to write a thesis just because you don't like 9ice!
    We all have our weaknesses, I believe he has learnt his lessons. People do not know that 9ice isn't the main problem, Deinde his Manager, actually, is not press-friendly. The earlier he gets a replacement for him the better.
    But the truth is; admit it or not, 9ice is TALENTED! And you are the one muddling up the whole issue! We all disagree(just like we are on this blog), the article is just saying look beyond the talent, simple. You just tell me out of the 36 tracks recently released by 9ice, how many do not make sense? how many would you still be playing in 3 years?(just like gongo aso, street crediblitity etc are stil relevant after 4 years). And before you answer, I know 3 or 4 songs out of the 36 that will score 5/10, the others all score above 65%!! Salam!

  22. " the article is saying look beyond and see the talent" apologies. Salam!

  23. oh really, so 9ice didn't start d beef but he created d controversy or at least d song he sang created it. d phone convo was where 9ice actually cleared rugged's name in private but point blank refused to clear him in public which I and u know is unbelievably cruel and unfair. so who started what?

    and u r still jumping all over d place with ur points. in any case i never said his songs were bad (afterall i praised d thenet for their honesty in rating his album well) but what i detest is when pple try to rewrite history that we were all part of right before our eyes. it is plain wrong.

    I actually dared u, lex and co to find a single untruth in my comments and u still can't find it. so let me put in plainly, which of my advice do u honestly think is irrelevant wrt 9ice or which of my comments as regards the writeup is false?

    I wrote the truth so he can b a better artiste like Tuface did after all d scandals (and tuface case was worse; breaking up with Kennis in far less than friendly terms, 5 kids from 3 diff women, hemp smoking etc.) but u guys rather than face the truth decided to label me a hater which I am not in any way or form. I have no reason to like 9ice (and it is not by force) just as I have no reason to hate him, some of his songs I really like, some i am like WTF! but hey it's hiss life and art not mine.

  24. and btw, the article is not saying look beyond and see the talent but the writer is saying that in spite of 9ice's talent and his 'saintly' behaviour and impeccable morals (very down to earth, didn't join d bandwagon blah, blah and blah), some pple somewhere (in fact d media) are hell bent on frustrating his career and feeding us with untruths about him which is a huge lie.

  25. Fatimah collect hi 5. I could not have put it better. The problem with 9ice are his fan who refuse to tell him the truth and he himself because he prefers to blame others for his problems instead of acknowledge that he used his own hands to cause him. I follow him on twitter and saw he retweeted this article, which means he agrees with the writers pov. 9ice was well respected till he turned into an evil manace, and I agree with you, not clearing his friend was just evil and purely wicked.

  26. Good job Fatimah

  27. Fatimah, I hope you know that last anon is probably Toni Payne. She mentioned Deinde as being the problem with 9-ice's career, that's what gave her away.
    Toni girl, give it a rest! That dude didn't even drag you through the mud he buried you under hot shit. We get it, you're back together in this polygamous relationship & have forgiven him, but don't expect everyone else to do the same. His albums flopping are in part a direct cause of his inability to handle his private life & you.

  28. @me again, lolz. haba u r evil ooo (in a good way sha, hehehe) and i didn't think of that before but now that u mention it, i remember she is d only who has been mentioning d guy's name everywhere as a huge part of 9ice's problem. **shrugs** hopefully one day he will appreciate all dis her wahala (Amen).

  29. Me Again; mind reader! Same thing i thought when i read the Deinde part. Didn't i read in City People about 2 years ago that Deinde is a fag?
    Fatimah; you are hitting the nail on the head.

  30. Fatimah, I just didn't want you to waste your sensible words with her. She no go ever see the light, love/obsession is indeed blind.
    Ginika, the way Toni dey beef the Deinde guy, you go think say she catch am on top the Abolore sef.

  31. @me again, u r baaaaaadddddddd, haha catch am on top ke! dis world go come to an end dt day.

  32. This blog is funny. Someone says something good about 9ice on a blog and you accuse them of being Toni Payne. Someone says something bad about 9ice on this blog and you still accuse them of being Toni. Is it that hard for you people to believe that 9ice has fans who support him. My friend kunle wrote the above article and he also feels 9ice's manager is bad, a lot of us his fans feel he could be better ad what makes an artist better is good maagement.. We are not deaf or blind. Dint the manager punch a press guy? does that make us all Toni? You should tread carefully in how you falsely accuse people. That is my 2 cents before you accuse me of being Toni because I don't support your view

  33. AM LAUGHING IN SPANISH and COUGHING IN CHAPTERS!!!!!! ROTFL!! THEM DON TURN ME INTO TONI PAYNE O! Mind u am a guy and I really never fancied TP until 9ice treated her bad!

    Since Aunty Fatimah cannot read in between the lines and is hell bent on getting a PhD ON 9ICE'S character I would help her out:

    She keeps on moaning about disproving her points, she should have realised that my statements; "ask what his present relationship is with TP and coded tunes" was in reply to her stating that he has quarelled with almost everybody. For the records, Id cabasa, lord of ajasa actively promoted 9ice's BGV albums on their twitter page, the only person 9ice hasnt fully reconciled with his Ruggedy, so I hear. I also went further to state that we all have our weaknesses and that 9ice has learnt his lesson. So what is there to disprove, by inference i agreed with her points about not being cool biting the fingers that fed you and that he is retracing his steps, even one of the track in his LP(I heard) was produced by ID Cabasa!

    The only point i disagree with, and unlike Aunty Fati, I am not forcing her to agree with me, is that 9ice's career is nosediving! Pray, ask Eddie Remedy, Father U-turn, Black Face and even Rugged MAn what it means for one's career to nose dive. 9ice is still as relevant as he was when he realeased make dem talk years ago.

    And please am not Toni Payne, we all know she is an attention seeker. I only feel for her cos 9ice, until lately, didnt treat her 9ice.

    And on Dehinde, please just because I mentioned him doesnt make me TP, go and ask most entertainment journalists, that guy is 9ice's problem the earlier he realises that the better for him. As long as Dehinde is still with 9ice, he would always get bad press cos Dehinde is CAPITAL BAD PRESS! Most of us, his fans actually want him back fully with ID Cabasa, and a better management and mind you Toni payne should not even dream about managing him cos she takes the shine all of her artistes.

    SO Aunty Fatimah, omo Anabi, there is nothing to disprove, read between the lines when people agree with your points as an intelligent person you should be able to see it. We all want 9ice to be better. All of us want to be better, but we all make mistakes and the most important thing is learning from our mistakes.

    Now I have written a thesis for you Fatimah, all the best :)

  34. And like Anon 11.31 said, the good part is that 9ice still has fans who support him....think about that. Salam!

  35. Ok anon we haf hear. Its good to know that mere fans have so much inside info about 9ice & his various reconciliations, especially since according to this same "fan" all 9ice gets is bad press, so the reconciliations haven't really been made public. We believe you're not Seun/Toni.

  36. @ Anon 10.39pm, notice I did not even mention him/her. S/he is so pathetic, however I do not fee it is nice raining curses on her/him. Please we are all human.

  37. I authored this write-up and in as much as I don't want to be drawn into controversies or engage peeps here in trading of words, I must do this for posterity's sake.
    Firstly, I have never met 9ice on a personal capacity and so, dere is no need to kiss his ass. I am a fan of his and I have watched falsehoods been spread about him and I just decided to correct this notion for those that CAN think.
    Furthermore, what is your business with his personal life? If that is the yardstick for judging musicians, then Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Whoopi Goolberg, Tuface Idibia and so on wouldn't be certified successes by now but their making mistakes has only restated the fact that they are human after all and are susceptible to making mistakes.
    You canr deny that this guy is one of the best we have around; your doing that would only reveal your bias and insensitivity.
    Res ipsa loquitor

  38. @ayo, and was there no way you could written the article without your own half truths and outright lies? if u read most of the comments, nobody is really disputing his talent but rather your own (and a couple of his fans here) version of events that have ultimately led to where he is now.

  39. Odekunle Ayokunle15 January, 2012 11:35

    And can you kindly tell me about the 'half truths and lies'? Since it seems you are privy to everything that goes on in his private life.
    Point out the holes in the article and I would stoutly defend them

  40. If you had bothered to read the comments, you wouldn't be asking me that, as I have no need for repeating myself, help urself by reading my first comment @ 08 January, 2012 04:26.

  41. Lol cus Fati is abt to write a book over 9ice forgetting dat u can't never please de world cus everybody feels dey know how to run ur life alot better than u. she also fail to realise dat a fool shouts loudly, thinking to impress de world bt we don't care.I advise u to listen to Pace Setter ft. Vector- 9ice {BSV} b4 u reply me since u have time. A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks dat others throw at him or her. I bless God for the gift of 9ice n 2face. Music with a message. Stay blessed

  42. Pls,i sincerely beg evr1 to c me as neutral,just wanna clear some issues.u should agree wi me dat a fact is not always d truth and what u av many press talking abt would be a fact not certainly truth.4get abt talent dat i believe evr1 here agrees he has,9ice has been helpful to many artistes in bigging their carrier even d coded tunes pple.he helped ajasa and made a hit song 4 him 'fenu so',he helped 2phat in 'bere mi',he helped jahbless in 'ma ba elo',he blessed cabasa's beat and brought him to light and even made a fairly hit song 4 cabasa 'identity',talkless of other artistes who r not part of coded tunes.despite that he's no more in coded tunes,the present coded tunes worrior 'olamide' featured him and he accepted d project.with all sincerity,i stand to tel u dat 9ice shouldn't be seen as being selfish.who Gob has blessed,no man can curse.if u av any beef against him,make it crystal clear.afterall,there's no way u will be a star and evrbody wil lyk u.we're all praying to reach d peak one day, and if u want to achieve dat,dont be a hater to d blessed one..........i rest ma case