Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bakare asks National Assembly to impeach President Goodluck Jonathan

The Convener of the Save Nigeria Group, Pastor Tunde Bakare, on Wednesday asked the National Assembly to immediately commence impeachment proceedings against President Goodluck Jonathan.
Bakare, who spoke at the SNG rally at Ojota, Lagos, organised to demand the restoration of the N65 pump price of petrol, said Jonathan had committed and impeachable offence by acting on an item in a budget yet to be passed.
A number of personalities also spoke at the rally, which witnessed a much larger turnout than Monday and Tuesday.
Among them were Ganiat, the wife of late human rights lawyer, Chief Gani Fawehinmi; her son, Mohammed; the Executive Director of the Muslim Rights Concern, Dr. Ishaq Akintola; the President of the Campaign for Democracy, Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin; and her husband, Yinka.
Some of the speakers also urged Nigerians not to allow outlawed Islamic sect, Boko Haram, to instigate them into a religious war. They said the sect was not representing Islam by its violent activities and killings.
Also, some musicians entertained the crowd with songs while actors, actresses and comedians also lent their support to the call for the return of the fuel subsidy.


  1. Bakare talks too much for a Pastor. I advise he faces his congregation and let peace reign. Didn’t he contest in the last elections?

  2. please pastor don't turn this fuel subsidy issue into a political one.i see this as beef o...occupy nigeria

  3. Dumb bunnies.... Hope you peeps know that religion was the Birth place of politics. They are synonymous, you can't separate them from each other. Pope John Paul is a political Figure, The Ayatollah in Iran controls their economy etc. Ignorant peeps should try and read more.

  4. @anonymous 01:49....Reverend Martin Luther King took a political position by being involved in the civil rights struggle and blacks all around the world are better for it. It is a shame that most of our celebrity Pastors, Bishops and "Grand Overseers" would rather collect money on Sunday than lead a struggle for the welfare of the masses.

  5. I don't listen to him anymore. IMO he's lost credibility. Dosumu, quit calling people names.

  6. It's funny that Tunde Bakare, ElRufai and even Dino Melaye are using these protests to further their own ambitions, but hopefully even they can see that this is not about them or their speeches and people are genuinely disgruntled about the state of affairs. In a decent society, GEJ would be going under impeachment proceedings right now, but that Tunde Bakare is asking for this, is laughable at best

    1. Its DIno I cant even stand
      Like seriously,Dino is taking advantage of the situation to score political points
      Are people so blind to see that
      At least Bakare never stole
      Plus El Rufai more than delivered in Abuja in his time
      Dino was part of the thieving assholes till some months ago
      And was paid millions and helped in looting the country and sucking it dry
      And then he has the guts and effontery to say hes part of us

  7. this mr bakare should please focus on the issue at hand and stop politicizing the matter. would he be a better president ? the answer is a capital no? save Nigeria my foot.

  8. Oh shut up. You are such a pathtic jobless loser. Your mates are married with fruitful careers , you are wasting your life away all in the name of gossip whereas the people you gossip about don't give a poo about u. They are making money and living their life, they are not worried about you though you seem to be worried about them so you spend so much of your life and time digging fake dirt and gossiping. You are the biggest loser on this blog. You Better reexamine your goals in life. @me again

  9. Lets be realistic here, I dont know PTB but whatever is doing right now shd be appreciated by all esp our younger generation...this guy birthed SNG when clueless jonathan was not given his mandate on time during yaradua trying period....he sponsored hismef and others to Abuja to protest Andoaka or what was that pig's name then for them to allow jonathan to rule, whether he won d election or not is inconsequential..this guy speaks d mind of d poor....he's comfortable enough to hole up n his mansion but he was under d scorching sun shouting freedom for his people, if people like these dont talk who will?...look around d world..all d activist r either men of God or gat something related wt God, u obviously need God to fight d devil/monsters ruling Nigeria presently...all d other men of God where r they? they r praying right? they v being praying since when i was a toddler and now s d time to talk....yorubas wl say aile soro lo n saju oriburuku....pray/talk/move mountains//...if u r praying for a job and u dont step out of ur house to go drop cv's - wl d job come find u n ur hole?..oh pls lets give t to him...d other pastors r waiting for u on sunday wt ur tithes/offerings...they dont care whether u waka come church wt ur shoes or without shoes...just bring money and if u like use camel go home...offering must be fat...may God help us all

  10. He's biased and self-serving. I don't buy what you said mama na girl.