Friday, January 13, 2012

DAY 5: Ojota protest ground in pictures

Thanks to my brother Dipo, who was at the Ojota protest ground today. He brought us the protest in pictures. He will definitely make a good reporter. Click to see more pictures, indeed some are funny...

And the K&S church represented

What are boys trying to do o, some ‘jazz’ things? This boyz won’t kill us with laugh

And the youths are angry

Comedian Omobaba

Actor Wale Adebayo

Commissioner for Justice, Ekiti

Deji Oladokun, MD Cadbury

Fatai Rolling Dollar

And the crowd….

And the Muslims prayed

Some of the protesters leaving in a truck

See how some people came to the protest ground. Nigeria is my country and I love us. May God not let our efforts be in vain. AMEN


  1. LOl @ the K&S church

  2. Let the strike continue

  3. You people won't kill me with laughter

  4. Some youths have no work, lmao

  5. Naija no dey carry last

  6. We have finally woken up in Nigeria. A protest by the rich, poor, small big, tugs and many more. Who called dem hoodlums? The hoodlums are in Abuja. Animals in HUman skin.

  7. TTU - Fatai Rolling Dollar, isn't he like 200 years old?

  8. I have been seeing pictures of the Muslim protesters praying,when would I see a picture of Christian protesters praying.don't we pray Christians? ...funny pix btw

  9. "anon 15:24 is that supposed to be a joke?

  10. you failed to tag toni payne. in the blue&yellow polo(not RL) shirt