Monday, January 2, 2012

Fuel Subsidy Removal: No to this new Nigeria

This is a serious matter. As a matter of fact, this is SAD and gives the people of this country no HOPE. How can a president of a Nation wake up on the first day of a new year and what he could give to his people is fuel subsidy removal. This was the same government that promised light, good roads, good education, free health care, what did we get out of all these? NONE and next he fulfils his promise about the fuel subsidy removal, FANTASTIC!
This is a Nation where we practice democracy but in the real sense we don’t. A litre of fuel now sells for N148. How do you expect the masses to survive when the minimum wage is only N18,000. Nothing is done about increasing their salaries to give them a better life, yet they increase the cost of fuel which automatically increases everything to the least thing you need in life, may be a BLADE. Because in producing a blade for instance, electricity is needed, which is not available, so they need fuel that is one. Secondly, the producers need to transport it to the sellers before it finally gets to the consumers, in doing this, fuel is essential, so it’s a simple case of everything we need increasing.
We didn’t have fuel in the house for gen yesterday and we couldn’t get anywhere. We asked a friend who lives in Mowe to help out, but right from Mowe to Lagos yesterday no filling station was operating. Then someone buzzed us around 11pm that a filling station has started selling fuel, we bought 10litres for N1480, which was originally N650. Everyone was lamenting. You could see the way people were grumbling and swearing. Frustration was written all over their faces. And the attendant that wanted to remove N50 because some people bought in kegs was almost beaten up out of frustration.
This morning, a bike ride for N50 is now N100. Transportation is now double the price. We are not sure of food yet. But once the holidays are off, and people resume work trouble starts.
Since we have little or no say, we implore NLC not to take this, this is unaccepted. If it will take us to stay home for days and resolve this, please let us do it. Yes I know they will say it will collapse the economy, let it collapse it. Is the economy not collapsed already? When we start buying things at incredible prices, is the economy not collapsed?
We say NO to this NEW Nigeria. This is UNACCEPTABLE. NO to GEJ oppressing us. NO to our youths committing SUICIDE since help is coming from nowhere. NO to our husbands being fraudsters/thieves since that is the only choice left for them. NO to this inhuman  act. We say NO to this NEW Nigeria. It is UNACCEPTABLE.


  1. Nigeria is the only o.p.e.c (organization of petroleum exporting country) members suffering in terms of fuel shortage and high prices, is this not enough to teach our leaders some lessons, if the country has any problem it doesn’t have to be fuel related, we have to leave fuel alone and face other resources. Even if the price has to be increased it should never be that high if mr jonathan had mentioned this while contesting am sure he won’t finish among the top three, I pray this scandalous price won’t bring him BADLUCK , even baba’s time was not this bad The electrical sector is bad and there is no other power to rely on , I had Jonathan made the announcement before the house signed or agreed with him, I hope this is not the beginning of another gaddafi reign

  2. I dunno if ur copying linda or she is copying u but ur blogs are getting annoyingly alike. Haba, the same post at the same time. Abeg switch it up jor.

  3. As you have rightly said, this is not acceptable. Wonder what this country is turning into. GEJ shouldn’t think no one can impeach him, this is democracy. If they refused to impeach him, God will. Because you cant make the people of God to suffer this way

  4. Ghana, Morocco, Mali are countries smaller than Nigeria when we talk of resources, populations, land and manpower. Yet it is surprising that these countries are far better and advanced than Nigeria when it comes to citizen’s welfares and social amenities.

  5. @anon 6:56 what we are talking about here is no jokes. Why are people great pretenders? This is a painful matter and the whole nation is held hostage almost like a grave yard. People cant go out, no light yet no fuel for generators. The cost of living has increased. Strolling down to buy a bottle of coke which was N70 is now N100. This is a matter that concerns us and our country far beyond blogs please.

  6. Nigerians were rid of good electrical service they took solace in petroleum now the source of comfort is now the target of some selfish politicians, but why do they like making life hell for the peasants? Where are the masses and labour fighters this is when they are highly needed
    It is really painful we just can’t fold our hands and keep looking. Nigeria is one of the top ten producing oil country in the world yet we suffer what we cherish most, the so called people we call our leaders do not really care about what their people are going through

  7. By now Oshiomole would be eating his words for saying he respected Jonathan’s term because Jonathan maintained Y’adua’s fuel subsidy removal and didn’t follow Obansanjo’s shoes. But GEJ confirmed the increasement barely 48hours after Oshiomole’s speech.

  8. GEJ is just showing us who he really is. I’m sure there is something beneath his innocent looks

  9. To government of this country have been deceiving us from day 1. They do this on a regular basis. I have never seen a situation whereby NLC/TUC fights for the right of the masses on petrol issue and the price gets back to the former price or below. I know NLC will strike, they have started shouting on tv. The government will certainly not return it to 65naira, may be a 100naira and the strike ends. They keep doing this on purpose because they know Nigerians easily get tired, it is always a bargain, we never say no take it back to the former. Our fingers are crossed, we shall see who wins. But if the government wins, Nigerians have failed, NLC have failed, the youths have failed, journalists have failed and the leaders have failed.

  10. Who wants to be naija millionare?

    Which of the following answers will give Nigerians peace and joy if removed;
    A) Goodluck Jonathan
    B) Fuel subsidy
    C) Boko haram
    D) All of the above
    All vote now

  11. Hearing the news I wonder how the masses will survive and other areas that will be affected the okada riders in my area increased their price, the distance that 300 naira will cover now takes 700, food stuff will also increase and the salary not sufficient will become liabilities that has to be paid of yet this wont be taken into consideration when the hefty taxes are deducted please when will our messiah come enough of this mess

  12. Why are we always getting deceived by our leaders. They promise us heaven on earth before they get into power, after they have gotten into power, they make life miserable for us.
    How can goodluck increase the price of fuel from 65-148 per litre without considering its people. That is over a 100% increase. If he really cares about his people, the price should be reduced and stop giving excuses. This is the only way his bad name can be reserved.

  13. The most reliable source of power is through petroleum. It is needed at hospitals for emergencies, at factories for productions. How many lives would be endangered and lost before the fuel issue is resolved.

  14. have started learning mandarin and doing a course in chilhood education apart from my first and second degree all in an effort to facilitate my relocation outside this sorry state of a country called nigeria .
    pls does anyone know where we i could get good inverters at reasonable price need it asap .

  15. At anon 06.56
    Even bellanaija naija did a post on the fuel subsidy removal
    It is an issue that has struck the chord of every Nigerian
    For u to sit there and say ladun and Linda are copying each other makes no damn sense.
    Are u GEJ's SA?

  16. @ladun
    i am proud of you for taking a stance on this subsidy issue.if all bloggers and celebs were this committed i am sure the government will know we are not joking.while some are fighting for lower fuel costs the CAPITAL TWAT DENRELE WAS SAYING SUBSIDY OR NO SUBSIDY LIKE HE DOESNT CARE

  17. Harder times are here & GEJ should watch his back. It's not only Boko Haramites that are restless. The cabal he's trying to unseat will get restless. A putsch may just happen this year in Nigeria.

  18. Its so painful that we have an insensitive government who doesn’t care or thing about his people. Nothing seems working, no electricity, no jobs, even the refineries are not working. Instead of working on getting the refineries working, he is talking of subsidy. I am tired of a government who cant offer solution to problems, I am tired of a government who has no future, I am tired of a government whose got no vision and leadership treats. ITS HIGH TIME WE HANDLE OUR LIFE OURSELVES.
    some questions for my EGJ,

  19. Saw this on FB and just had to share in its unedited form;

    "If u cant rock Aso, Aso go lock u. There is only 1 survival frm Aso rock. Abacha nd Mariam went in there, Mariam survived.
    Obj and Stella went in, Obj made it out.
    Yar'adua and Turai went in, Turai survived d quest...........,Now D Heat Is On.
    Jonah and Patience are in there, battling their way out. Who will make it out there? Remember patience once said my fellow widow's..... Who will make it out dis time???????"

  20. I'm so disgusted at the complete insensitivity of the federal government to the plight of the common man. Of all the times to remove the subsidy, why on New Year's Day. Most workers already have overspent during the festive season and were already trying to stretch their budgets, only to be hit by this 120% increase in fuel prices. Those touts and thieves in government went on and on about only the rich enjoy the benefits of the fuel subsidy, yet now when it's been removed, it's the poor that are suffering.
    Why not institute palliative measures prior to removing the subsidy? Fix all the roads, make sure there's public transportation, stabilize power supply, then slowly decrease the fuel subsidy and most Nigerians would NOT complain. In every case where governments (in real countries) have removed some sort of subsidy, they first spent significant amounts of money to make sure the effects of the subsidy removal would be minimal.
    This Jonathan fool is meanwhile arresting people for treason for expressing themselves & we claim we live in a democracy. He has made Nigerians sitting ducks to insecurity, poverty and other societal ills. They say to pray for your leaders & I will pray. I will pray for God to punish him, for him to choke on that N1billion worth of food he's budgeted for. Its a shame that in this nation we had no credible viable opposition to this man during elections.

  21. abeg who knows where I can get inverters in Abuja pls this is ASAP

  22. This is an oil producing country. what a shame. how can we ever be respected in the world, when we cant even deal with our own natural resources. free gifts

  23. Similarly, a Petroleum Engineer vast in the science of refinery management, Sunny Hemebrim Amadi has called on the federal government to hand over the nations' refineries to oil majors who have the capacity to run them technically and economically as profitable ventures provided equity holdings will include host communities.

  24. I tire for Nigeria o.. Which way is our country going now? So the stupid Senators didn't know before May that people were mismanaging funds abi? Cos if Bukola Saraki didn't open their yansh in Novewmber, them dizianni and them will still be milking the country dry? Oga o