Fuel Subsidy Removal: No to this new Nigeria

This is a serious matter. As a matter of fact, this is SAD and gives the people of this country no HOPE. How can a president of a Nation wake up on the first day of a new year and what he could give to his people is fuel subsidy removal. This was the same government that promised light, good roads, good education, free health care, what did we get out of all these? NONE and next he fulfils his promise about the fuel subsidy removal, FANTASTIC!
This is a Nation where we practice democracy but in the real sense we don’t. A litre of fuel now sells for N148. How do you expect the masses to survive when the minimum wage is only N18,000. Nothing is done about increasing their salaries to give them a better life, yet they increase the cost of fuel which automatically increases everything to the least thing you need in life, may be a BLADE. Because in producing a blade for instance, electricity is needed, which is not available, so they need fuel that is one. Secondly, the producers need to transport it to the sellers before it finally gets to the consumers, in doing this, fuel is essential, so it’s a simple case of everything we need increasing.

We didn’t have fuel in the house for gen yesterday and we couldn’t get anywhere. We asked a friend who lives in Mowe to help out, but right from Mowe to Lagos yesterday no filling station was operating. Then someone buzzed us around 11pm that a filling station has started selling fuel, we bought 10litres for N1480, which was originally N650. Everyone was lamenting. You could see the way people were grumbling and swearing. Frustration was written all over their faces. And the attendant that wanted to remove N50 because some people bought in kegs was almost beaten up out of frustration.
This morning, a bike ride for N50 is now N100. Transportation is now double the price. We are not sure of food yet. But once the holidays are off, and people resume work trouble starts.
Since we have little or no say, we implore NLC not to take this, this is unaccepted. If it will take us to stay home for days and resolve this, please let us do it. Yes I know they will say it will collapse the economy, let it collapse it. Is the economy not collapsed already? When we start buying things at incredible prices, is the economy not collapsed?
We say NO to this NEW Nigeria. This is UNACCEPTABLE. NO to GEJ oppressing us. NO to our youths committing SUICIDE since help is coming from nowhere. NO to our husbands being fraudsters/thieves since that is the only choice left for them. NO to this inhuman  act. We say NO to this NEW Nigeria. It is UNACCEPTABLE.

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