Match-Making: Looking good together?


Yaay, we got another pic for match making. And it’s Noble Igwe of 360nobs and Ugonna Omeruo.
Yesterday night, actress Nse Etim or may be her PR stormed my blog with loads of comments. The comments came in one after the other; they were much I had to delete some, removed some and now left with 21, lol. If you know us well on this blog, you will know we love our celebs and love to prank at them, (And YES why not, they are in the limelight).  
They called me jobless; I really don’t know why anyone should call me that, when this is part of my job. And like some of my readers prayed for me sometimes ago saying, ‘Ladun you will soon start making money by God’s grace’. Thanks to you all, we have started making that, so how do you call a job I get paid at jobless? No! That aint right in Chris Rock’s voice, (The Head of State movie).
I don’t intend to send anyone off the screen, so why do you want to send me off the net? Lol. On more serious note legends, if you want the match making thing pulled out, trust me, I will. And to our new readers, we say thanks for joining the fun. It’s all love baby….

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