Mr Neyal of the $200,000 investment is Goldie’s lover

It was recently reported on how a foreigner invested $200,000 on Goldie’s new reloaded album project. But that is not the news. The news actually is that Mr Neyal, a Dubai born millionaire who held a private part for her in Lagos to announce his investment in her music is actually her boyfriend. How did we know? They sent out a press release to us about the album and also stating that Mr Neyal is her lover. We had to ask them well, if that wasn’t a mistake, lol, but the reply from Goldie’s camp was that, Neyal feels bad that people don’t know he is her lover. So una don hear am. Anyways it is good to know her man is not ready to hide behind her shadow. Can the Skuki brothers now go and have a sit somewhere? Thank you.
N.B It was reported by some bloggers that, one of the Skuki brothers is in a love relationship with Goldie, and the other brother is against the relationship. So they had a big fight over the issue and it was leaked to the press. Anyways, I find the story had to believe. 

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