Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Revert to N65 or resign: it is as simple as that

The members of the Ogun State Youth Alliance on Monday called on Goodluck Jonathan to revert to the pre-2012 N65 per litre of petrol or resign as the President of Nigeria.
During their rally to the corporate headquarters of Punch Nigeria Ltd in Magboro, on Monday, the protesters, led by Adesina Ibrahim, Moses Ehix and the youth leader, Oladele Kehinde, they also advised the Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, to resign.
The protesters carried placards and leaf branches in their march that covered Arepo, Wawa, Ibafo and Magboro.
Singing and chanting anti-Federal Government songs and slogans, they said life had become difficult for the ordinary Nigerian because of the removal of fuel subsidy by the Jonathan Administration.
“When we voted for Jonathan, we thought he would make policies that would favour us,” said Ibrahim, a lawyer. “But he has shown that he is not there to make the right policies. All that we’re demanding is that he reverses his anti-people policy on fuel subsidy removal.”
Another leader of the protesting youths, Ehix, said that the finance minister was only implementing the International Monetary Fund and World Bank policies.


  1. They have spoken well.

  2. It would be more symbolic for Jonathan to resign, since he would not reverse the price.

  3. What a badluck

  4. If he resigns, who takes over? Sambo? If not him, David Mark? That thought alone is scary! This is a very hard and long road.

  5. Kemiismyrealname10 January, 2012 17:29

    Thank you Ginika. Hear the ridiculous statement, "we thought he would make policies to favour us". Everyone is just raping this nation. Government, NLC politicians, all of them have their personal agenda's. Sad.