Joke of the Day: What about a BB Porsche for val? LMAO

A guy and a girl were having a conversation on the phone…
Girl: Baby do you still love me like before?
Guy: Yes love! My love for you will never change
Girl: That’s my baby… I want you to buy me something
Guy: Just name it
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Girl: It’s a Blackberry Porsche sha…
Guy: No problem. Just find out the price and let me know
Girl: It’s N450, 000 only.
Guy: Is it manual or automatic? Is it still in a good shape, as in the engine? Have you checked the fuel consumption level?
Girl: Honey, it’s not a car o…it’s a phone.
Guy: Phone?! That means it will have a fridge, generating set, plasma TV and a wardrobe abi?
Girl: (Now angry) Are you buying it or not?
Guy: Please, I am not o! I can’t! For what naa?
Girl: Hello!
Girl: Hi!
Girl: Don’t even bother again, I’ll call Alhaji to get it for me dis evening.
Guy: Better still, call Atiku, he will be faster
Girl: (Now crying) I am going to delete you from my contact
Guy: Is your phone hanging? Because I have already deleted you since you mentioned the  Porsche. Idiot! How much is bride price even in Igbo land sef?

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