Labi Layori needs to step up her game


One time BBA winner, Karen Igho was at Labi Layori’s Lunch Splash show on TVC yesterday. I guess a lot of her fans were pleased with the interview she had and got lots of praises from them after the interview. Back to the main gist, I was pleased when I got hold of this pic with Karen and Labi looking really nice in the pic from afar, until I decided to zoom it. If you sometimes watch her Lunch Splash show, you will agree with me that Labi needs to step up her game. Her dressing is always a no no. Too shabby. Like Funmi Iyanda once said, ‘if you are on TV you have no excuse of not looking good’. Note; I’m not trying to diss Labi here, but this is a known fact, and why can’t we talk about it. And if you ask me, the pic up here compared to when she started is even still far better. So girl, please and please hire a wardrobe manager very fast, you are on TV. And oh well, may be Labi forgot she was going to interview Karen and not Keffi or singer Essense.

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